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Cheap Large Plastic Planter Manufacturers Saudi Arabia

Most perennial and bulbous flowers die after flowering and fruiting(98 cell plug trays). After the formation of underground storage organs, some of them go through winter (such as planting grass, peony, Yingwei, tangchangxiao, dahlia, lotus, etc.) or summer (such as narcissus, tulips, lilies, hyacinths, etc.) and many evergreen perennial flowers, such as evergreen and wheat Winter, etc(cheap plastic garden pots). This method is rarely used in the family.

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Vermiculite medium is mixed with vermiculite and fermented horse manure in the ratio of 4:1, which can be used as the medium to plant flowers(polystyrene plug plant trays). According to the end of the culture medium with 70% of the base and 30% of poultry, or broken cake fertilizer, mixed evenly piled up, adding some human manure, after full fermentation, can be used to cultivate flower waste(2.5 inch plastic plant pots). The matrix can be used alone, or mixed or layered.

(cheap large plastic planter manufacturers saudi arabia)Substrate culture plants are cultivated in a variety of clean substrates, such as sand, gravel, perlite, vermiculite, peat, sawdust, slag, rock wool and so on(shallow germination trays). According to the habits of plants and the physical properties of different substrates, suitable substrates can be used to facilitate the growth of plants(square succulent pots). If some slag is added into the slag, that is, the air permeability and water permeability are better. 

If 10% peat was added into it, it would be more suitable for cultivation of Southern acid loving flowers(black plastic plant pots wholesale). On the market, the above two kinds of media are very loose, both breathable and water seepage, will not harden, and has strong fertilizer and water retention, which is conducive to the development of flower roots(germination flats). Two simple and easy soilless culture substrates can be used to cultivate flowers at home.(cheap large plastic planter manufacturers saudi arabia)

When transplanting the pot, it is easy to operate and will not damage the root(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). The material is convenient and suitable for family potting. Nutrient solution should be applied regularly in substrate culture to supplement nutrient deficiency in substrate(succulent pots in bulk). Therefore, the tray type material flowerpot or siphon flowerpot is ideal. China's vast areas, especially the north, have a long and cold winter and a dry climate.

(cheap large plastic planter manufacturers saudi arabia)Different from the common flowerpots, the flowerpot for soilless culture requires no leakage of nutrient solution in the bottom layer(bulk pots). If you can't buy this kind of flowerpot, as long as you feel satisfied, bowl, cup, bucket, etc. can be used as containers for soilless cultivation of flowers(plug tray nursery). Vermiculite and perlite have good water retention and permeability, and are also good substrates for family flower cultivation. 

Ceramsite, rock wool and sand can be used alone, while perlite, vermiculite and peat can be mixed by 1:1, and peat and sand can be mixed in the ratio of 3:1(plastic planters bulk). In a word, the substrate is required to provide the best environmental conditions for plant root growth, the best proportion of water and gas(nursery plant trays). Using soilless culture technology can overcome this problem, any bottomless bottle, the method is as follows. 

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