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Strawberry is a plant rich in tannic acid(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Strawberries are native to Europe and introduced to China in the 20th century. Also known as cranberries, poplars, and raspberries, it is a generic term for the genus Fragaria. Its appearance is heart-shaped, fresh and tender, juicy and juicy, sweet and sour, rich in flavor, not only color, but also a pleasant aroma that is not found in ordinary fruits. It is a rare color, aroma and taste in fruits(11cm plastic grow pots). Therefore, it is often praised as a queen in the fruit."(cheap large plastic planter manufacturers poland)

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Sprinkle a layer (one inch thick) of organic soil (containing organic fertilizer) in the nursery tray(wholesale nursery pots); spread the germinated sunflower seeds evenly on top, and then spread a thin layer of soil; compact, make the seeds fully contact with the soil; use clean wet On the paper cover, then put a seedling tray of the same size and put some heavy objects on the seedling tray (for example, a bottle containing 500 ml of water(110mm plastic grow pots), so that the plate is evenly pressed on the seedling soil below, which will make the seedlings grow taller. ,Increase production).

2 points open, room temperature, protected from light for 3 days, when the seedlings can grow 2 inches high, yellow(plastic nursery pots). Remove the cover, put the seedlings in the sun, indoors and outdoors, and the seedlings will quickly turn green after seeing the light. Pay attention to the humidity of the soil and water it in time. When the second pair of leaflets has just grown, they can be harvested (generally 2 to 3 days) and cut off above the roots during harvesting(plastic terracotta pots wholesale). After rinsing, you can enjoy the delicious taste of the seedlings according to your own preferences.

(cheap large plastic planter manufacturers poland)Strawberries like the sun and need more than 6 hours of sunshine a day(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Strawberry roots should not be soaked in water for a long time, so use a well-drained container for soil cultivation. Strawberries prefer alkaline soils. Do not apply grass ash or limestone powder to strawberries. 3. Planting strawberries has a three-year cycle. In the first year, there is only a small amount of harvest. In the third year, the output will reach its peak(12cm plastic grow pots). After the third year, the output will decrease. At this time, it needs to be replanted.

Therefore, in the first year after the strawberry is planted(plug trays wholesale), all the flowers and new vines should be removed, so that the roots and leaves can be concentrated. Harvest the strawberries in the second year. In the third year, the old strawberries will be removed and planted with new strawberry seedlings. It is recommended to change the place when planting again to reduce pests. Strawberries and borages are planted together to prevent pests and diseases, and to enhance the flavor of strawberries(120mm plastic grow pots). So you can plant two borages on the side of the strawberry.

(cheap large plastic planter manufacturers poland)Strawberry seedlings grow fast, each strawberry will grow vines, and a certain root will grow along the vines(black plastic nursery pots). Compacting these uncertain roots with thin soil will grow small strawberries. When a small strawberry grows 3 to 4 leaves, you can cut it and cultivate a new strawberry. Planted in the nursery tray, sprinkle 2~3 seeds in each seedling tray and cover it with 3mm thin soil. Cover the watering(12.5cm plastic grow pots). Keep a certain temperature. The seeds will germinate after 2~3 weeks.

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