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Cheap Large Plastic Planters Manufacturers Middle East

When planting together, use rectangular or oval shallow pots(20 cell trays bulk); when planting a single plant, use medium-deep rectangular, square, elliptical, round or hexagonal pots. Use soil: Larch should be fertile, loose, slightly acidic sandy loam with good drainage. Pruning: Larch sprouting is strong, and the branches and leaves grow fast(105 cell seed starter trays). When budding in spring, you can pick off unwanted buds in time.

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Planting: The planting period of the larch should be before budding from March to April, or after the leaves fall in autumn(20 cell seed starting trays). There are usually three, five to nine plants in co-planting, and an even number should not be used. The layout of co-planting is very important. Generally determine the position of the main tree first(72 cell plug trays), preferably on the left or right 1/3 of the pot, slightly forward.(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers middle east)

The three parts should form a unequal triangle(50 cell seed starter trays). On the basis of this joint planting, it can be flexibly changed, with different heights, and full of jungle scenery. For potting, it is advisable to use mountain soil or leaf decay soil, and must be mixed with mycorrhizal soil(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). Single planting can be made into straight-drying, oblique-drying or curved-drying, etc., and the branches and leaves can be tied into "cloud pieces".

(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers middle east)The climbing process should be carried out before budding in spring(40 cell seed starting trays). The pruning process can be carried out in the dormant or growing period. The main diseases of Larch are damping-off, stem rot and pine leaf disease: the main pest is the marsupial moth(planting trays wholesale). The auxiliary tree should be placed at 1/3 of the opposite direction of the main tree; the lining tree should be placed near the main tree, but not parallel.

The branches of Larch is soft, easy to bend, and it is convenient to climb, but it must be removed as soon as possible(72 cell seed starter trays), otherwise it is easy to trap silk and affect the appearance. But it is also necessary to prevent excessive water from affecting normal growth or causing leaf disease(200 cell seed starter trays). For the prevention and control of bag moth, in addition to removing the bag in time, spray the larvae with 90% trichlorfon 1000 times liquid.(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers middle east)

Fertilization: Larch tree is most suitable for the production of co-planting, showing the scene of the jungle(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). When the larch pine is planted together, the main trunk generally does not need to be processed and maintains its inherent straight shape. The side branches can be pruned or tied into a drooping shape(plastic flower pots bulk). It is necessary to pay attention to the unevenness, proper density, and clear primary and secondary.

(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers middle east)In the growing season, except for the rainy season and midsummer, thin pancake fertilizer and water can be applied once a month, or the decomposed manure can be diluted and applied(18 cell seed starting trays). After the branches and leaves are stretched, you can also cut off the excess branches at any time according to the needs of the shape(32 cell seed starter trays). When planting a single larch tree, three-year-old saplings can be used to climb the trunk.

The saplings are mostly 2-3 year old seedlings, which should be thick and thin, high and low, and the master tree should be taller(104 cell seed starting trays). The potting period should be from February to March in spring. Damping-off occurs in the seedling stage and can be sprayed with 70% Dixon 700 times liquid to prevent and control(19cm plastic grow pots); stem rot can be controlled by spraying 70% Dixon 700 times liquid in addition to soil disinfection.

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