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Today, I'd like to share with you some prevention and control methods of soybean moth(200 cell plant trays bulk). Generally, soybean moth is one of the main pests in soybean production. In theory, it is mainly caused by larvae eating soybean seeds(72 cell trays). The light ones bite the beans into a groove like a rabbit's mouth, and the serious ones eat 1 / 3-1 / 2 of the beans, resulting in bean defects and insect dung It is in the pods and seriously pollutes the pods.

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With the continuous growth of soybean, the soybean insectivores also continue to mature, and enter the soil for winter(32 cell plant trays bulk). The pupa stage lasts for 10-12 days. For vegetable farmers, the most troublesome thing is vegetable diseases and insect pests. In the second year, it floats up to the surface soil and pupates in the middle and last ten days of July(72 cell trays bulk). After the mating, it lays eggs on the fluffy tender pods. Do you have any trouble in this regard?

(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers philippines)At the end of July, it starts to emerge into adults at the beginning of August(50 cell plant trays bulk). In the first and middle days of August, it is the peak stage of emergence (the occurrence of soybean heartworm is affected by the climatic conditions, mainly based on the local measured data). After 6-7 days, the eggs hatch as larvae(plastic seed trays). It can be seen that after crawling on the pods for several hours, the larvae The joint of pods is drilled into the pods.

Before the mature harvest of soybean, the insectivores bite a hole from the edge of the pod, drill out of the pod, leave the pod, fall on the ground(50 cell seed trays wholesale). because soybean heart eaters like to lay their eggs on pods with more dense fluff, it is suggested to select soybean varieties with less pods and early maturity(plastic garden pots wholesale); meanwhile, in order to reduce the sources of overwintering insects, it is advisable to plough the land in time after autumn harvest.

The larvae should be hatched after 8 months in mid and late August (calendar year 15-20), but they have not been attacked before pods(seed planting trays wholesale). Therefore, it is necessary to restore the growth of the reserved vegetables as soon as possible. In rainy days with high humidity and high temperature after rain, cover with sunshade net(large plastic planters cheap). It should be noted that this method is suitable for soybean fields with luxuriant growth and depression between ridges.(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers philippines)

Use 80% dichlorvos EC 100-150ml per mu, cut a 20cm-30cm long section with corn stalk(18 cell plug trays supplier), one section is peeled and soaked with sufficient liquid medicine, the other section is kept as it is, then insert the section with skin and non stick medicine into the soybean ridge or clip it on the soybean branch fork(plastic flower pots wholesale), insert one ridge every 4-5 ridges, insert one ridge every 5m, use 30-50 per mu, or use corncob to soak medicine and fumigate.

The method of dichlorvos fumigation can not be used in the nearby plot with sorghum to avoid the occurrence of drug damage to sorghum(20 cell plug trays supplier). This method can be used no matter how the soybean grows. With 2.5% Kung Fu cream or other pyrethroid insecticides, the sprayer is sprayed upward from the bean root with a knapsack sprayer(nursery plant pots wholesale), so that the lower branches and leaves are coated with the back of the top leaf.

(cheap large plastic planters manufacturers philippines)However, because the larvae crawl on the pod after hatching for a short time and generally do not exceed 8 hours, spraying time is very difficult to grasp(40 cell plug trays supplier). It is suggested that field investigations should be carried out in the field and when insecticide eggs are found on the pods, the medicine can be sprayed in time(plastic plant pots bulk). The insecticides can be sprayed with pyrethroid insecticides such as deltamethrin and cypermethrin.

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