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This study shows that when the ratio of adenine to auxin is low, it is conducive to root formation, and when the ratio is high, it is conducive to bud formation(cheap large plastic planters suppliers ukraine). Then a series of similar plant hormones cytokinins were found(custom plastic pots). In 1958, stcward and shantz used carrot root explant callus for liquid culture, and subcultured the suspension containing free cells.

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In 1937, White, Cautheret and Nobecourt passed countless experiments and generally established the basic method of plant tissue culture, which became the technical basis for various plant tissue culture in the future(5 gallon plant pots). In 1934, American scholar White established the first clonal reproduction system that can grow normally through the cultivation of tomato in vitro roots(cheap large plastic planters suppliers ukraine).

In the same year(nursery pots canada), Robbins cultured the stem tips of corn, cotton and other plants on an artificial medium composed of a variety of inorganic salts and sugars to form green deficient leaves and roots(cheap large plastic planters suppliers ukraine). In 1964, Indian scholars Guha and mabeshwari successfully obtained pollen monocyte plants from Datura stramonium anther culture, which promoted the development of plant anther haploid breeding technology(plastic plant trays). 

Cytokinins were used in plant tissue culture, which greatly promoted the development of tissue culture technology(6 inch nursery pots). In 1943, white published a monograph on plant tissue culture manual, which is an important symbol that plant tissue culture technology began to become a new science and technology(cheap large plastic planters suppliers ukraine). At the same time, biological cells are functional units with potential totipotency in physiology and development(grow bags wholesale).

Therefore, it is found that the ratio of adenine to auxin is one of the important factors controlling bud and root differentiation(custom plant pot). The publication of these two scientists' works can promote the production of adventitious buds by cell clusters or directly form adventitious buds from the tissue surface, promote the growth of lateral buds and grow more and more lateral buds(cheap large plastic planters suppliers ukraine). The biological cell theory was founded(plastic bonsai pots). 

Two years later, a complete carrot plantlet was obtained from the cell suspension and bloomed and fruited normally(cheap large plastic planters suppliers ukraine). It made Haberlandt's prediction come true and proved the totipotency of plant cells. This is a major breakthrough in plant tissue and cell culture(1 gallon plant pots). In 1960, cocking successfully separated protoplasts by enzyme method, which laid a foundation for plant protoplast culture and somatic hybridization(7 gallon nursery pots).

Carlson fused the protoplasts of two tobacco species in 1972, and successfully obtained the first hybrid plant of individual cell hybridization(plug trays wholesale). In addition, from 1935 to 1942, Chinese scholar Luo Zongluo carried out in vitro culture of corn root tips, and then Rothwell made groundbreaking and extensive explorations in the cultivation of plant immature embryos, root tips, stem centers and callus(cheap large plastic planters suppliers ukraine). 

Almost all universities, research institutions and agricultural and forestry units, whether developed or developing countries, are engaged in research and application in this field(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). It is proposed that cell is the basic structural unit of organism, which constitutes the whole biological individual(plug plant trays). In 1956, milor et al. Found that the effect of kinetin on bud formation was many times higher than that of adenopurine(cheap large plastic planters suppliers ukraine). 

In recent decades, plant tissue culture technology has become an important means in the study of plant ontogeny, organogenesis and physiological metabolism(3 gallon plant pots). This discovery has important significance for the development of plant tissue culture and the use of plant extracts to promote the growth of cultures(2 gallon plant pots). In 1925, Laibach cultivated flax interspecific hybrid embryos and successfully obtained hybrid plants(cheap large plastic planters suppliers ukraine).

In 1906, Brow cultivated aseptic explants on artificial synthetic medium, and found that various embryos had a proliferation and growth response on the medium(black plastic nursery pot). Now the hormone control theory of root bud formation has been applied to plant tissue culture(10 inch nursery pots). Slimming and strengthening body: The propylene glycol contained in cucumber can inhibit the conversion of carbohydrates into fat(cheap large plastic planters suppliers ukraine). 

This is the first successful in vitro culture of non-embryonic organs of plants(20 gallon plant pots). In 1931, Chinese scholar Li Jitong discovered that Ginkgo biloba endosperm extract can promote the growth of Ginkgo biloba embryos in vitro, and discovered and used natural plant extracts for the first time(cheap large plastic planters suppliers ukraine). In 1922, Haberlandt's student Kotte and American scientist Robbins reported on the culture of root tips in vitro and succeeded(plastic plant pots nz).

In 1948, Skoog and Chinese scholar Cui Wei conducted a study on the organ formation of tobacco pith and stem in vitro, and found that adenosine or adenine can relieve the inhibitory effect of LAA on bud formation and make the tobacco stems form cluster buds(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). In 1939, White used the cambium of interspecific hybrid tobacco stems as explants to successfully carry out plant tissue culture and subculture(cheap large plastic planters suppliers ukraine). 

In his experiment, White also found that whistling acetic acid and B vitamins play an extremely important role in plant tissue culture(10 gallon plant pots). He believes that every cell that makes up a plant body is produced by cell division, and any plant cell with a complete nucleus has all the genetic information necessary to form a complete plant(large plastic planters). In 1937, Nobeccurt, France, was successfully cultured with carrot roots in vitro(cheap large plastic planters suppliers ukraine). 

Anti-alcoholism(cheap large plastic planters suppliers ukraine): The alanine, arginine and glutamine contained in cucumber have a certain adjuvant therapeutic effect on liver patients, especially patients with alcoholic liver cirrhosis, and can prevent and treat alcoholism(15 gallon plant pots). However, in 1904, Hanning used the embryo culture of radish and horseradish and found that the in vitro embryos can fully develop and can form seedlings in advance(11 inch plastic plant pots). 

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