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Blueberry is a nutrient-rich fruit that has the functions of preventing brain nerve aging, protecting vision from softening blood vessels(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and enhancing human immunity. In recent years, the demand for blueberry market has begun to increase substantially, and the purpose is to gradually increase the number of farmers who grow blueberries(112 cell propagation trays wholesale). This article will lead everyone to learn about the blueberry fertilization time and related technical knowledge.

(cheap large plastic potting pots wholesale)What are the blueberry fertilization techniques? Near or too far(plastic nursery pots). The top dressing should be applied in different times according to the age of the tree and the characteristics of the fertilizer required during the phenological period. The first time was applied 10 to 15 days before germination, mainly nitrogen fertilizer, and the second time was applied after fruit setting in May(288 cell propagation trays wholesale), with NPK fertilizer as the main, and the third time was applied 10 days before harvesting. 

The roots of blueberries are roots, and the absorption capacity is weak(wholesale nursery pots). The fertilization site should be mainly concentrated in these roots to induce the roots to develop outward and expand the absorption area. Different types of fertilizers have different methods and locations for fertilization(20 cell propagation trays wholesale). The roots of blueberries are shallow and are distributed in the range of 20 cm on the surface. Therefore, the depth of fertilization should not be too deep, preferably 5-20 cm.

(cheap large plastic potting pots wholesale)The base fertilizer application rate of late-maturing and early-maturing blueberry varieties should account for 50%-60% and 55%-65% of the total fertilization amount, respectively(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The roots are mostly concentrated on the outer edge of the canopy projection or a little further away. The organic fertilizer is relatively deep application(24 cell propagation trays wholesale); the nitrogen fertilizer has strong mobility, and should be applied shallowly, and the phosphate fertilizer should be applied intensively. 

The application of base fertilizer mainly includes three methods: annular fertilization, strip-like fertilization, and soil-turning after the whole garden(162 cell propagation trays wholesale). The annular fertilization method is suitable for fertilization of young trees, with the trunk as the center, and the groove of the vertical projection edge of the canopy is 20 to 30 cm wide and 15 to 20 cm deep(4 cell propagation trays wholesale). In production, it should be noted that the fertilizer should not be concentrated into the ditch, and should be applied in layers.

(cheap large plastic potting pots wholesale)So, when is the blueberry planted when it is fertilized(black plastic nursery pots)? When fertilizing fertilization, first determine which fertilizer to apply and the most suitable amount of each fertilizer. Topdressing is mainly based on drip fertigation, and it can be fertilized with watering in several stages such as germination, fruiting and fruit picking(6 cell propagation trays wholesale). Phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are mainly used to promote fruit enlargement and increase yield and quality.

The strip-shaped furrow fertilization method is suitable for the production of large trees(200 cell propagation trays wholesale), that is, the strips are cut at the edge of the vertical projection of the canopy between the rows of blueberry trees, and the fertilizer is mixed with the soil and then applied into the trench. Turn the fertilizer into the ground, but be careful not to use too much fertilizer near the tree(8 cell propagation trays wholesale). Try not to damage the root group when fertilizing, especially the new root from June to July.

Spraying nitrogen fertilizer and boron fertilizer during the flowering period to prevent precipitation(plug trays wholesale), and the trace elements are preferably chelated. After selecting the fertilizer, put the pre-calculated fertilizer into the fertilizer tank, fully dissolve it into the mother liquor, then inject the mother liquor into the drip irrigation system, mix it well with the irrigation water in the pipeline(12 cell propagation trays wholesale), and finally apply the blueberry accurately through the dripper. Rhizosphere soil.(cheap large plastic potting pots wholesale)

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