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Abundant bamboo is evergreen in the four seasons, and its name is very symbolic(plug trays wholesale). It is a common green plant in the family. In winter, they need to change their water. Otherwise, it is very easy to turn yellow, and there is no water change in the soil(seed starter trays). How can we maintain it in winter? The following editor introduces rich bamboo winter maintenance skills. I hope everyone likes it.

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Do not place abundant bamboo on the side of the TV or in the air conditioner and fan, so as to make it nice and dry the leaves(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). Most of the rich bamboos in this family are fed with water, and there is no water change in the soil. After a period of rich bamboo cultivation, there will be many small roots growing. Therefore, in winter, water should be replaced with water as much as possible(nursery plant pots). After the water evaporates, add water in time.(cheap large plastic terracotta plant pots manufacturer)

When changing water in winter, the water temperature should not be too low, which can be equivalent to room temperature(propagation tray). The water must be clean and fresh. Do not use dirty water, hard water or oily water, the roots are easy to rot. Phyllostachys pubescens is suitable for growing in the temperature range of 16 ~ 26 ℃, and plants with low temperature are prone to die(greenhouse supplies pots). Therefore, the temperature should be controlled at room temperature in winter.

(cheap large plastic terracotta plant pots manufacturer)Don't put plants in cold places such as balconies and windows(black plastic plant pots). Do not allow water or potted plants to freeze. If necessary, take warm measures. The water can be changed for about 2 weeks and the soil can be poured for about 20 days. Home is the most suitable place for bonsai, but the choice of bonsai is also very special. It is better to place it in a place with sufficient light(plastic grow pots). And many people feed water at home. 

As long as the plant photosynthesis, rich Pearl is no exception(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Otherwise, although abundant bamboo is the plant of Xiyin, it is usually placed indoors for maintenance, but it is unacceptable. If you don't receive light for a long time, the plant will grow badly and the leaves will turn yellow. So try to put the plant in a bright and ventilated place(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The sunlight in winter is not strong, and it can receive more scattered light. The rich bamboo will become more robust.(cheap large plastic terracotta plant pots manufacturer)

In the north, the temperature is very low in winter(square nursery pots). Try not to leave plants outside. In addition, the watering time shall be selected after the sun comes out, and the temperature shall not be lower than 10 ° C. It can ensure that there is no ice after watering and avoid frostbite(128 cell seedling start trays). April to October is the growth period of rich bamboo, but it also needs nutrients in winter, which means the growth of next spring will accumulate nutrients.

(cheap large plastic terracotta plant pots manufacturer)Make leaves green and branches strong. If the fertilizer is not applied for a long time, the plant will become thinner, and the leaves will turn dark and yellow(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). But fertilization should not be too much to avoid burning roots. In Fengshui, rich and noble bamboo is undoubtedly suitable for the bedroom(128 cell seed starter trays). In addition to bringing people fresh and elegant enjoyment visually, it can also make the owner's career in the bedroom rise again.

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