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We must do our best every day, in the hot season, because everyone thinks that the rich tree is both beautiful and can bring a little green to the family(square grow pots). It is very good. Potted green plants, and maintenance is relatively simple. Therefore, many basin friends are somewhat random in management(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). As everyone knows, perhaps it is your inadvertentness, which will often make your beloved green plants breed pests and diseases.

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In fact, the roots of the tree are prone to breeding insects, such as root knot nematodes, root rot nematodes, scale insects, mites, etc.(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), usually accompanied by some white worms. Then, how to deal with this phenomenon? You can dilute the white wine with water and pour it on the potting soil. It should be poured once every half a month(12 cell propagation trays wholesale). It can be effective for 4 times in a row. This is very good for killing the scale insects Effective. You can use it at your discretion.

(cheap large plastic tree containers wholesale supplier)Moreover, this method is easy to operate, not only can achieve the effect of de-worming, but also allows the plant to quickly glow green(nursery plant pots). The use of alcohol to repeatedly wipe the affected pests can also play a role in insecticidal sterilization, and this method is very thorough and clean(8 cell propagation trays wholesale). If the pest range is extensive and serious, we can use pesticides such as omethoate or dichlorvos to spray, about once a week, and 3-4 times in a row to be effective.

However, this method is more dangerous to use at home, and should be used with caution or less(large plastic terracotta pots). Lime can be mixed with water to form a paste. After cooling, it can be evenly applied to the breeding of pests and diseases. Of course, in order to prevent it, it is recommended to apply the lower part of the stump. Use spray insecticide to spray the affected area(4 cell propagation trays wholesale). Although this method can eliminate pests to a certain extent, it is not thorough enough and needs long-term use.

After the washing powder is watered, a little bit of clear oil is added and mixed well, and the mixture is sprayed to spray the insects(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). In short, there are many ways to deal with the roots of the tree and even the insects on the branches and leaves. As for which method is more effective, you may wish to summarize more in practice, and you can find more methods to eliminate pests and diseases(gallon pot). However, some basin friends feel that the winter weather is so cold, it is very difficult to make a tree.(cheap large plastic tree containers wholesale supplier)

This is related to our watering and soil change(plastic plant trays wholesale). If the rich tree is wormed in the winter, it is not. Then everyone knows that there are many dry and cold weather in winter. If the air in the space where the rich tree is placed is not enough in such a weather environment, it is easy to breed. Insects, especially red spiders or mites(cell trays). Dip the vinegar with a cotton swab and apply it evenly on the affected area. After repeated operations, the pests and diseases can be removed.(cheap large plastic tree containers wholesale supplier)

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