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Cheap Mini Plastic Flower Pots In Bulk

Note: Because its aroma makes high blood pressure and heart disease patients feel dizzy and uncomfortable(black plastic nursery pots), causing chest tightness and difficulty breathing, so night scent is not suitable for indoor placement. Green plants generally perform photosynthesis during the day and only breathe at night without photosynthesis(32 cell seed starting trays).

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It is best to leave it outdoors as an ornamental plant. In addition, the night scented flowers are still oxygen-consuming flowers and plants(plug trays wholesale). Even when photosynthesis is carried out during the day, oxygen is consumed in large quantities, which affects human health and will emit a large amount of exhaust gas. In the evening, it will consume oxygen in the room and compete with people.(cheap mini plastic flower pots in bulk)

In addition, the aroma of the fragrant flowers will be stronger at night, because the night scent can emit a lot of particles that strongly stimulate the smell at night(seed plug trays wholesale). Therefore, patients with high blood pressure and heart disease can easily feel dizzy, depressed, and even worse. Therefore, it is not advisable to plant night scented flowers in the rooms of patients with hypertension and heart disease.

Replace with new culture soil(plastic nursery pots wholesale), night scent should not be placed indoors, stop photosynthesis at night, drought, sensitive to soil moisture, like fertile, moist but not water. It should be moved into the shed in the middle and late October of each year. The temperature of the shed should be kept at 8 °C-12 °C. If the temperature is lower than 5 °C, the leaves will fall off and die until death(105 cell seed starting trays).

(cheap mini plastic flower pots in bulk)Night fragrance, also known as night fragrant flower, night fragrant, is a common flower plant in our life(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), suitable for planting in gardens or potted plants. The scent of the night usually blooms at night and is not open until the morning. Evening primrose not only has high ornamental value(128 cell seed starter trays), but also has medicinal value and edible value.

Then how do you breed at night? Let's take a look at Xiaobian(plastic nursery pots). It is not appropriate to use branches and long branches that are about to bloom. Therefore, the cuttings are treated with ABT rooting powder and other chemicals prior to cutting, which has the effect of promoting rooting. When the sun comes out, its stamens will roll up, and its scent will become very intense at night, so it is called "night scent." 

Process the insert. Friends must choose the more powerful birth of the year as a cut. In order to control the cockroaches, and often spray moisture. Cut the cuttings into sections of 8 cm to 12 cm with 2 to 3 shoots on top, which can also be used to drive away mosquitoes(50 cell seed starting trays). Although the nighttime incense pot should be carried out before the spring of April.(cheap mini plastic flower pots in bulk)

It is difficult to cut successfully(wholesale nursery pots). Just put a pot of night scent in the room, and now let the friends who have been raising the night for many years share the cutting and breeding skills, so that the flower friends can learn more. When changing the pan, this is because there is too much water(128 cell seedling start trays), and the nighttime scented pests mainly include aphids and shells, and the disease has blight.

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