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Cheap Mini Plastic Flower Pots Manufacturers Bangalore

Sunflower has a short growth cycle, a strong glare, and a very drought-tolerant condition(cell trays). It does not require fine care. It is an excellent choice for grass flower lovers to try potting! Sunflowers are short in growth and not afraid of high temperatures. The sowing time of sunflower is generally 3-4 months, except for the three seasons in winter(seed starter trays). The specific growth temperature is more than 15 degrees at night, and more than 20 degrees during the day.

(cheap mini plastic flower pots manufacturers bangalore)Therefore, sunflower seeds, that is, common sunflower seeds and sunflower seeds, have the same shape as roasted seeds(propagation tray). Common varieties are: smile (laugh), folk songs, (toy) bear, Miss Sunshine, etc., plant heights ranging from 15CM to 30CM, suitable for potted plants(wholesale greenhouse pots). The seed has strong activity, strong resistance, and can be used for seedlings, ordinary peat, and even ordinary garden soil, without special seedling treatment.

During sowing(gallon nursery pots), the sunflower seeds are inserted vertically into the seeding medium with the tip of the seed pointing downwards, covering about 1 to 2 cm of soil. Keep the medium moist before emergence. It usually takes 3 to 7 days to emerge. Seed germination requires shading, and proper soiling helps to uncap the cap when sprouting(greenhouse supplies pots). After the seeds are germinated and unearthed, the medium is kept moist and placed in a bright and sunny place.

(cheap mini plastic flower pots manufacturers bangalore)Sunflower seeds are large achenes with full particles(plug trays). The depth of seeding is determined by soil type and soil moisture. Keep the environment and medium moist, accept strong sunlight, and the lack of light will be long. In the Yangtze River Delta region, it can be planted from April to September, and the flowers are seen that year(flat plastic tray). Therefore, the sowing depth must be appropriate, not too shallow or too deep. The seeding depth we choose is generally 1-2cm.

Therefore, carefully remove the medium with a toothpick, a scorpion, etc.(black plastic plant pots), and take out the seedlings that need to be taken out and transplant them into a small bowl. If there is damage to the root system during this period, it will not affect the growth of the later plants(plastic grow pots). The depth of sowing needs to be based on the principle that the seeds can absorb enough water before emergence to break the shell and eventually eject the soil.

(cheap mini plastic flower pots manufacturers bangalore)At this time, the seeds do not absorb water, and naturally they will not swell and germinate(gallon plant pot). Too deep, even if it is bud, the tender leaflet does not leave the soil layer, and the seed needs water and oxygen to germinate. The seed is too deep, and the seed can't breathe, which will hinder the germination(2 gallon plant pots wholesale). The seeds of ornamental sunflowers are smaller than those of sunflower seeds, and larger than other grass seeds and flower seeds.

In moist soil, saline-alkali soil and soil with heavy texture are generally about 3cm(square nursery pots); in arid areas, the sowing depth on sandy soil should be 5-7cm, and it should be suppressed in time to prevent running, so that the seeds are in close contact with the soil and absorbed. The water is fast, the seedling is early, and it is suitable for sowing(1 gallon pots manufacturer). It can not only ensure the emergence rate, but also avoid the damage of soil germs and reach the seedlings and the seedlings.

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