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According to the weather after the seedlings and the soil moisture, the field needs 20-30 square meters of seedlings(wholesale nursery pots). Lettuce is a very good vegetable. This is a two-year-old herbaceous crop that is crispy and sweet. Over the past few years, as the market demand has continued to expand, more and more people are planting lettuce(23cm plastic grow pots). If you want to increase its output, then there is a key factor, that is, to do a good job of fertilization.

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When planted in the hot season, the lettuce mainly needs NPK fertilizer(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). When the growth season is high, the demand for phosphorus and potassium fertilizer is increased, and a large amount of Nitrogen fertilizer growth period, nitrogen fertilizer is the peak period at this time; in the middle and late growth period, when the lettuce begins to form a ball(6.35cm square grow pots), the demand for nitrogen fertilizer is gradually reduced, and the demand for potassium fertilizer reaches its peak.(cheap mini plastic flower pots wholesale supplier)

For each 100 kg of lettuce, it is necessary to absorb 0.37 kg of pure nitrogen, 0.14 kg of phosphorus and 0.33 kg of potassium, except for NPK fertilizer(cell trays). It also requires trace elements such as boron, iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, molybdenum, etc. These elements are extremely important for them, and they are indispensable(8.89cm square grow pots), otherwise they will reduce production, affect quality, and in large numbers die, resulting in no harvest.

(cheap mini plastic flower pots wholesale supplier)The demand for nitrogen fertilizer is very high at the seedling stage(black plastic nursery pots), followed by the phosphate fertilizer, and the demand for potassium fertilizer is less. According to research, when planting lettuce, there is a greater demand for nitrogen and potassium fertilizer(11.43cm square grow pots). Spread it evenly on the ground and mix it with the soil to mix it with the soil. Whether it is cooking or hot pot, it is inseparable. 

Watering at the right time, so this can increase the content of trace elements in the soil, improve the soil structure, and avoid the symptoms of deficiency during planting(plastic nursery pots wholesale). However, the fertilizer efficiency of organic fertilizer is slower. Therefore, when applying fertilizer, it is necessary to mix quick-acting fertilizer to make lettuce grow fast(cheap 2 gallon plant pots). Apply 1000-2000 kg of organic fertilizer per acre, and mix it with about 100 kg of compound fertilizer.

When it comes to the rose season of the growing season, it is generally necessary to apply 11-14 kg of urea per acre and 8-9 kg of potassium sulfate(plastic nursery pots). Generally, 11-14 kg of urea per acre, 8-9 kg of potassium sulfate or 45% high-nitrogen potassium compound fertilizer 20 ~25 kg, can also be applied with high-nitrogen potassium water-soluble fertilizer, 5 kg of water per acre(heavy duty gallon pot). The base fertilizer can continuously improve the nutrients needed for production and growth for a long time. 

Fertilization of lettuce is very important for its growth(16.5cm plastic grow pots). It is recommended to apply a large amount of decomposed organic fertilizer to the base fertilizer, and accelerate the growth and development according to the timely and reasonable topdressing of different stages of lettuce growth(11.43cm square nursery pots). At the time of the ball-sealing period, the lettuce has more demand for potash, and the nitrogen fertilizer is less.(cheap mini plastic flower pots wholesale supplier)

In the seedling stage, in order to make the lettuce grow quickly, at this time, apply 8-10 kg of nitrogen fertilizer per acre(19cm plastic grow pots), apply 1-2 kg of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and apply it with water when applied to avoid the damage of the roots of the seedlings by thick fertilizer. Let's take a look at the small fertilizers about the high yield of lettuce(heavy duty plant pots). Alternatively, it can be applied by molar water-soluble fertilizer. 

(cheap mini plastic flower pots wholesale supplier)The water-soluble fertilizer is generally selected by adding 5 kilograms of molar water-soluble fertilizer to 1000 kilograms of water and stirring and dissolving(20cm plastic grow pots), and then dripping or grooving to make it evenly distributed. In addition, lettuce is a leafy vegetable, which is different from melon and fruit vegetables(cheap 1 gallon plant pots). The demand for fertility is not large, so pay attention to the application amount when fertilizing, and strictly follow the instructions.

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