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Cheap Mini Plastic Terracotta Pots Wholesale Price

The ornamental value of Potted Anthurium is very high(plastic planting pots). The beautiful red flowers and large green leaves cover each other. Moreover, if you have good maintenance and management, potted anthurium can bloom all year round. Plants that grow faster tend to metabolize faster. Before each round of flowering, in order to promote flowering, we need to properly prune the plants(sureroot plug trays bulk). How to trim the red palm when it's in bloom?

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The pruning of Potted Anthurium before flowering is mainly to cut off the dead branches and leaves produced during the growth period(cell seedling trays). Red palm not only has a strong vitality, but also grows very fast. It is also relatively durable to cut. In the growth process of Anthurium andraeanum(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale), the petioles of old leaves will gradually degenerate, and the old leaves will also show signs of drying, so we need to cut off such leaves in time.(cheap mini plastic terracotta pots wholesale price)

We don't have to be too rigid and afraid of cutting the potted plants(plastic succulent pots). As we all know, although Anthurium andraeanum is an evergreen flower plant, it is extremely lovely with the new and old replacement of metabolism. A small amount of withered branches and leaves will be produced at the lower end of the plant(black plastic plant pots), and these old branches and leaves in the withered and yellow period will continue to consume nutrients.

(cheap mini plastic terracotta pots wholesale price)In order to avoid excessive consumption of nutrients before flowering, we need to cut off these dead branches and leaves in time(7 gallon plastic pots). As the temperature decreases, the roots may be frozen. Do not make water in the basin, it is better to moisten the soil, and do not water too often(square nursery pots). And the pruning work should be carried out in a relatively open place outdoors to ensure the smooth ventilation of the environment.

Not only that, but also in order to make potted anthurium blossom more and more gorgeous in the future(small plant pots plastic). As for the cutting technique of red palm, people generally need to summarize the theory of "three cutting and two adjusting" in the process of practice(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). That is, pruning buds, pruning buds, pruning old flowers and adjusting plants, adjusting direction. After this series of pruning treatment, the best potted red palm will show a more beautiful blooming posture.

However, because of the slight toxicity of Anthurium andraeanum(nursery tray manufacturers), it is mainly concentrated in the flower and root position, not only to avoid eating by mistake, but also to wash hands in time after each pruning and leaf cutting. And these juices will be more or less with certain toxins, to avoid contact with the skin as much as possible, otherwise it will cause certain harm to the human body(2 gallon plant pots wholesale). But the Anthurium can bloom only when it has enough nutrients.(cheap mini plastic terracotta pots wholesale price)

Moreover, in this case, if the above-mentioned fertilizer and water are used(square plastic plant trays), the leaves are oily green, and excessive watering will make the leaves of Anthurium palmatum turn yellow, which will affect the beauty. Therefore, the producer should appropriately control the watering amount in early spring, and the basin soil should avoid water accumulation. In fact, do not water at night in winter(1 gallon nursery pots bulk), because the temperature difference between day and night is large, and water at night.

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