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Cheap Miniature Plastic Succulent Pots Online

When the temperature meets the temperature above 20 °C, it can be planted(cell trays). The germination rate is still quite high, and the wealthy tree planted by itself is easier to maintain. The rich tree does not like water, too much water will cause rotten roots(4.72inch plastic plant pots). However, the plants showed a slower growth, first the leaves were yellow, and then the aerial parts gradually wilted and the whole plant died.

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The leaves of the fortune tree suddenly turned yellow and began to fall off a lot(plastic potting pots). It is very likely that the rich tree has a rotten root phenomenon. When the tree is bad, it will hinder the transportation of normal nutrients and water, causing the leaves to turn yellow or even fall off. The so-called "people face, tree to skin", although it sounds rough, is the "truth" of the plant kingdom(4.92inch plastic plant pots). The rich tree will also appear on the bark after it has been rotted.

(cheap miniature plastic succulent pots online)Compared with the bought potted plants(black plastic nursery pots), there will be moldy white hair, and the soft touch of the hand will make the nearby bark fall off. The rotten roots of the rich trees are generally caused by the accumulation of water in the basin. There is too much water in the basin, and the roots are in a too humid environment for a long time(5.5inch plastic plant pots). There are two main reasons for the accumulation of water in the basin.

What is the reason? Today, Xiaobian compiled the rotten root treatment method and prevention method for the rich tree(plastic nursery pots wholesale)! First, too much watering; second, poor ventilation, too humid and stuffy. Common pests and diseases that occur on the rich tree are: powdery mildew, root rot, and root rot nematodes parasitic in the soil(6.3inch plastic plant pots). The fortune tree is a popular potted plant. Then dry in a cool, ventilated place and replant.(cheap miniature plastic succulent pots online)

Due to the poor water quality, the potting soil is relatively wet, and it is easy to breed pests and diseases, and eat the roots, causing decay(wholesale nursery pots). The root system is longitudinally grown and extended, so the choice of flowerpots should be based on good permeability. In summary, if you do not have high requirements on the aesthetics of the flower pot, it is recommended to use the tile basin(5.9inch plastic plant pots). The breathing is blocked and the roots will become soft and rot. 

(cheap miniature plastic succulent pots online)The scissors will be used to trim the roots(plastic nursery pots). Considering the poor permeability and water permeability, it is up to you to decide which pots to choose. Fortune tree is a kind of arbor tree, avoiding the use of sticky soil, mainly because such soil permeability is too poor, the price is much higher, we only need to do a little more, in time when the leaves of the plant are yellow(5.12inch plastic plant pots), And when the bark becomes soft, the roots should be trimmed in time.

The rotten roots of the rich tree are usually caused by the water in the basin(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). So the rotted part is cut off, if the rot is serious, if the messy roots are cut off directly. If the stems begin to rot, it is necessary to remove the decayed parts and turn them into pieces(4.72inch plastic nursery pots). The treated rhizome is placed in a methyl thiophanate or potassium permanganate solution and soaked for 24 hours; or the wound is sprayed with the keeling.(cheap miniature plastic succulent pots online)

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