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In this way, the optimum humidity for growing carnations is usually around 75%(gallon plant pot). The method of adding moisture to the skin should be kept at an optimum humidity of about 75%. In general, if you want to keep potted carnations healthy, in addition to proper watering to moisturize, you usually need to wait until the potting soil is dry before watering, and it is suitable for watering, and prevent water in the basin(square nursery pots). Work, do not want to potted carnations are flooded.(cheap non woven fabric bags wholesale price)

Therefore, after the summer, the carnation is not only beautiful, but also the watering method is very important(black plastic plant pots). If the air humidity is too low, we should also use a multi-spray method or spray to humidify to maintain the air humidity and suitable for the normal growth of the plant. The reproduction of carnations is divided into asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction tends to have low seed yield(seed starter trays), large variation in seed progeny, and slow growth of seedlings, so it is rarely used in production.

(cheap non woven fabric bags wholesale price)Its advantages are rich cuttings, stable traits and quick results. Carnation is most suitable for cutting propagation(cell trays). The cutting time is not limited, except for the hot season, it can be propagated in other seasons. In the first half of February, the survival rate was the highest. It is advisable to choose a mother plant with good variety, strong growth, neat flowering, few knots, good quality(wholesale greenhouse pots), no pests and diseases, and strip (prefer not to use scissors) its well-developed, 6 to 10 cm long side branches for cuttings.

For example, if it is cut in the winter, the cuttings should be insulated and fragrant(propagation tray). It can be carried out in a greenhouse or a plastic film shed. The soil of the seedbed must be made of loose sandy soil rich in humus, and the ground should be ploughed before cutting. It is good to move some of the soil out of the shed for two days, then add 1/3 of the ash and coarse sand to make the soil loose(flat plastic tray). If the weather is fine, it is more reliable to remove the plastic film and expose the soil for 3-4 days for disinfection.(cheap non woven fabric bags wholesale price)

The soil was sprayed with water first on the day before the cutting(gallon nursery pots). The next day, the soil was just dry. When cutting, insert the buds with water, the insertion depth is about 2 to 3 cm, and the plant spacing and row spacing are 5-6 cm. Immediately after pouring, watering and covering the shade (no watering for the next 10 days, and then pouring the topsoil when it is whitish, to avoid excessive wet roots). The temperature is maintained at 10 ° C - 20 ° C, rooting can take place in about 20-25 days(plastic grow pots), and transplanting can be carried out in about 45 days.

Gently pull out the seedlings from the roots when transplanting(plug trays), and water them after planting. After 10 days, apply a fertilizer solution and apply it again every 10 days. When the seedling grows to 12 cm, it can be colonized. After 20 days of planting, the first topping is carried out. When the plant height is 30 cm, the grid support is provided to keep the stems straight and straight, leaving only one flower at the top, and fertilizing once a week in the growing season(greenhouse supplies pots). When the flower buds are exposed, the cut flowers should be listed in time. Store in a low temperature environment of about 4 °C.

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