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Catnip, which is known to many people, this catnip is mainly for cats(bulk 4 gallon pots) . How does this catnip use? Catnip, smells of a cool scent. About 50% of the cats are very interested in the smell of the grass and like to grab the bite, but this does not mean that the cat must eat catnip to maintain health. Catnip is a plant that causes hallucinations(wholesale nursery pots). Some cats cause temporary (5-15 minutes) behavioral changes after eating, and camphors are not addictive.

(cheap nursery plastic pots wholesale supplier)Put it in the cat toy, you will see the cat crazy(1 gallon plant pots distributor)! Roots and leaves with mint flavor, have the function of repeller and beetle, leaves and flowering branches can treat colds, nausea, cooling, headache and scalp itching, due to cat special I love this kind of plant, and the pet toys made from its dry leaves are sold in foreign countries(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Domestic pet stores sell small linen bags filled with catnip and cat scratch boards with catnip powder. Cats will forget these toys.

In fact, in China, it is popular for tea. Catnip not only makes cats crazy and happy, but also promotes spit hair(bulk 1.5 gallon pots) . The effect of catnip is short-lived and there are no side effects. About 70% of cats respond to the smell of catnip. When they get a catnip toy or catnip, they put their heads on them(plug trays wholesale), and then they roll on the ground and turn around. Even drooling, you will also eat catnip.(cheap nursery plastic pots wholesale supplier)

How to grow catnip: But after a long time, I will suddenly wake up(2 gallon plant pots distributor). It seems that I am embarrassed by my own dysfunction. I pretend to be as if nothing has happened. Catnip is strong in the ground and is recommended to be planted in pots, but the pots should not be too small, otherwise it will affect their growth. The soil is one-third of the humus soil, and two-thirds of the garden soil is poured every day in summer(black plastic nursery pots), because the summer temperature is high, and the mint is wet, and the water is controlled in winter.

(cheap nursery plastic pots wholesale supplier)It will not make cats addicted, the lack of light will be long, pro, remember to give it the sun is generally water to breed(bulk 2 gallon containers), cut some branches inserted in the water, rooting ability is very strong, it will return you and your . Also, don't be reluctant to trim. The more the plants are trimmed, the better(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The method and method of using catnips is introduced here. Try it out and try to treat the cat which is a little goblin.

How to grow catnip: It is best to have a full-day sun, lavender flowers, and dry the plants into pieces(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price). In foreign countries, in addition to selling mouse toys filled with catnip, the pet shop is crushed into pieces. Catnip grass, as well as canned catnip seeds and soil, can be bought home to breed, so that cats can eat fresh catnip(plastic nursery pots). In short, catnip does not have substantial help and harm to the health of cats.

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