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Cheap Nursery Pot 1 Gallon Wholesale Price Oregon

Usually, humus soil with phosphorus and potassium fertilizer is used for incubation for 2-3 days(1 gallon pots manufacturer). Usually, potassium phosphate and calcium superphosphate LKG are added to potassium superphosphate for every 50 kg pots as base fertilizer. The principle of watering is "do not water, rather dry than wet", watering the heart of the cactus can not be watered, usually once every half month in spring, once a week in summer(wholesale nursery pots), while the growth of autumn and winter slows down, more than 20 days of watering once can be, it should be noted that the best is rainwater watering flowers.

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(cheap nursery pot 1 gallon wholesale price oregon)Usually every spring and summer, combined with water application of 1% potassium dihydrogen phosphate(2 gallon pots manufacturer), 2 to 3 times a year can be. Cactus is a very sunny plant, but if the temperature exceeds 36 degrees Celsius, it should also be shaded. Cactus is not suitable for long-term indoor environment, which can easily lead to the color of cactus darkening, usually every month or so, put in the outdoor sunshine place for 2 to 3 days(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and then move back to the indoor, pay attention to the indoor sunshine place.

It's time to change basins(7 gallon pots manufacturer). Carefully remove the cactus from the original pot, place some debris at the bottom of the new pot to facilitate drainage and ventilation, and then fill in the first step of the configuration of the culture soil, filling up to 1/3 of the time. With hand compaction, gently put the digged cactus ball (to cut the rotten roots and the diseased roots) into the surrounding culture soil, gently lift the cactus ball(plug trays wholesale), in order to facilitate root extension, and finally fill the remaining culture soil, compaction.

(cheap nursery pot 1 gallon wholesale price oregon)The main pests and diseases of cactus are anthrax, ulcer, scale insects and whitefly, mainly controlling water(1 gallon pots distributor), ventilating in time and preventing. Streptomycin is effective for ulcer disease, but prevention is the main method. Cactus plants have high ornamental value, and can absorb dust with fresh air(black plastic nursery pots). But many flower pals say that their cactus roots are not long, so how to make cactus grow faster?

Put the cactus where the sun shines for as long as possible, not where the light is strongest(2 gallon pots). It's difficult to change the temperature difference unless it's in a greenhouse or an air-conditioned room. Maintaining sufficient moisture in the basin soil, especially in the epiphytic palms, requires long-term soil moisture. Because they grow on dead leaves or branches, in order to maintain their own water(plastic nursery pots wholesale), as soon as the root system finds water threat, it will close gas exchange immediately, thus reducing growth.

(cheap nursery pot 1 gallon wholesale price oregon)Most desert cactus fleshy plants can exchange gas normally a week after drought (plants can't absorb water from the soil), so watering can be done once a week(3 gallon pots). High air humidity at night is conducive to the intake of CO2 by cactus. For comrades who grow in the open air, water should be properly sprayed at night(plastic nursery pots). In the daytime, the high air humidity will reduce the transpiration of plants, increase the moisture content, and form fat.

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