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Cheap Nursery Starting Container Wholesale Suppliers UAE

Vegetables are very important cash crops(128 cell seed trays wholesale). The transplanting process is an important part of the vegetable production process. With the reduction of the agricultural labor force, the corresponding transplanting machinery is gradually promoted and used. The existing vegetable plug seedling transplanting machine allows the growers to get rid of the pain of “bending and planting”, but it is necessary to manually release the seedlings into the planting unit(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Manually pulling out the seedlings easily breaks the roots or causes the soil of the seedlings to fall off, which is laborious and laborious and affects the planting effect of the machine.

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(cheap nursery starting container wholesale suppliers uae)The working principle is that the nozzle is used to blow the seedlings from the hole at the bottom of the hole at the bottom of the tray(seed starting trays supplier), so as to achieve non-mechanical contact loosening between the seedlings and the thin wall of the hole, which is convenient for manual removal during transplanting. seedling. The research results show that the use of air-blowing method to loosen the plug seedlings has the effect of ensuring the integrity of the seedlings to the greatest extent, and the complete rate is over 96%(wholesale nursery pots). The whole seedlings are released for about 48s and the depth is 8cm, which meets the actual production needs.

The research shows that the designed air-blown carcass loosening device at the bottom of the tray seedling can be used with the existing semi-automatic transplanting machine(32 cell plug trays supplier). After the whole seedling is blown loose, the seedling is applied to the transplanting machine, and the seedlings are in the machine. It can easily raise the seedlings and split the same; it can also combine the principle of air-blowing corpuscle loosening with the existing vertical automatic seedling-removing technology to realize the seedling operation of the side loosening seedlings, which can effectively reduce the burden of automatic seedlings(plug trays wholesale). Significantly improve the success rate of seedlings.

(cheap nursery starting container wholesale suppliers uae)Open field planting: planting bed can use shade nets, shade shelters(105 cell plug trays supplier), shade and direct sunlight. The greenhouse planting temperature is controlled to 32 ° C during the day and 24 ° C during the night. Refining: When the seedlings are stopped, the trays can be moved to full-light conditions for 2-3 weeks to make the leaves and roots more robust. During the second period, watering once a day, if necessary, using foliar fertilization or watering nutrient solution to supplement the plant nutrition(black plastic nursery pots). After the refining of the seedlings, the fields can be transplanted.

Aiming at the problem that the vegetable seedlings were directly stressed and damaged(50 cell plug trays supplier), a gas-blowing nursery release device was designed to facilitate the transplanting of the seedlings. The seedlings can be mechanically planted, and the manual planting efficiency is higher than that of bare roots. Strawberry stalk seedlings are the source of the production of plug seedlings. The standard of the seedlings of the seedlings is: the strawberry is preferably a 50-hole tray, and the diameter of the hole is about 5 cm(plastic nursery pots). The roots fill the entire hole and are suitable for transplanting to the field.

(cheap nursery starting container wholesale suppliers uae)The first batch of sown dishes were large tomatoes(72 cell plant trays bulk), small tomatoes, eggplant, colored peppers, peppers, broccoli, broccoli, purple cabbage, etc. It has been half a month since the planting on January 19, and even has been true. The leaves are coming out. Today, we decided to transfer some of the faster-growing varieties (song, etc.) from the seedling tray to the trays, so that each of them can grow in their own independent space(plastic nursery pots wholesale).

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