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Lysimachia christinae belongs to creeping and emergent aquatic herbs, with round and kidney leaves and green oil on the leaves(cell trays). So, hydroponics is a relatively popular way for the lazy. Among hydroponics plants, copperhead is the only one(16cm plastic grow pots). Because of its simple nature, it has become a kind of family decoration plant that many flower friends and even ordinary people love very much.

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How many pots of copper coin grass can be raised in the office or at home? It can not only make medicine, but also green the environment(plastic terracotta pots wholesale). When I'm tired from work, it's also very good to raise my eyes! Do you know how to grow copper coin grass and how to maintain it at ordinary times? Today's editor-in-chief will introduce this popular hydroponic plant among the public(15cm plastic grow pots). It is suitable for extensive cultivation. If you give it enough sunshine and water, it can grow very fast.

(cheap nursery supplies plastic pots manufacturer)There is no sunshine, so you can use light instead. Water needs to settle for two hours with tap water, or use the next day(black plastic nursery pots). You can add a little nutrient solution to the water. Copperhead usually has yellow leaves, but its withering speed is far less than the growth speed, so don't worry. There are green algae in the root system of Coptis, but they can not be cleaned(14cm plastic grow pots). As long as the water doesn't stink, just add water to it, and spray water on the leaves frequently.

Pay attention to the place where it is placed(wholesale nursery pots). Let the walking stem soak in the water as much as possible (it is better to use the tap water placed for more than 2 days). Before the new root grows, place the container in a bright environment as far as possible, do not be exposed to direct sunlight, and clean up the rotten stems and leaves at any time(13cm plastic grow pots). During hydroponics, some nutrients can be added to the water properly to maintain the growth of plants.

For friends with high aesthetic requirements(plug trays), you can put some crystal balls, ceramics or pebbles, give the normal growth space of the root system about a week, the new root begins to grow, and then you can increase the light for normal management. When there is water moss in the roots and leaves, immediately change the water and clean the container(12.5cm plastic grow pots), otherwise it will be harmful to the plants and affect their ornamental value.(cheap nursery supplies plastic pots manufacturer)

The old leaves turn yellow and can be cut off in time(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). When they grow to a certain extent, pedicels will be drawn out and some of them can be cut off. In winter, all the water can be poured out by the copperhead grass which is placed outdoors. If it is placed in the place facing the South and facing the sun and leeward, it can live through the winter safely(120mm plastic grow pots), but the leaves will be partially withered, and the underground roots will germinate again next spring.

(cheap nursery supplies plastic pots manufacturer)In the room, copperhead is afraid of cold. Wash it with water and put it into the container(plastic nursery pots). It can be transplanted to a larger container, or it can continue to have no right to cultivate in the original container, but pay attention to give enough nutrients. Generally, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the water in the container is sufficient to avoid drying out(12cm plastic grow pots). In recent years, hydroponics has become popular. 

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