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In summer, the temperature is high and the water evaporates quickly(104 cell plug trays supplier). The temperature in early autumn is similar to that in summer. The watering time is the same as that in summer. Avoid watering the leaves and the center of the leaves. Summer orchids are suitable for pouring water for a few days? Can not be mechanically determined to be poured once a day, depending on the size of the pot, the strength of the flower(plastic nursery pots), the main points of grasping are summarized in one sentence: eight points dry, two points wet. Specifically, watering is very knowledgeable. If you want to know more details, please read the following points carefully.

(cheap pp woven ground cover wholesale)Different types of orchids, in my experience(18 cell plug trays supplier), orchid watering must pay attention to six aspects: the ancient Chinese orchids are very pay attention to the water quality of the water, think that "dew water, spring water is good, rain water can also be water, river pool water quality Second, the well water is not available at all." Nowadays, the most common use of water is tap water. The tap water is disinfected by chlorine gas(black plastic nursery pots). It is not advisable to directly water the flowers. It is best to store it for 1 day, so that the chlorine gas is volatilized before use.

Or put a piece of vitamin C in the tap water, which can eliminate chlorine in a short time(105 cell seed trays wholesale). The flower buds said well: "The water temperature is moderately swayed, the water temperature is too cold and the flowers are cold," "the water and soil are five degrees apart, and the roots are called." It can be seen that when the difference between the water temperature and the soil temperature is large, the orchid cannot be poured(plug trays wholesale). The easiest and most practical way is to store some spare water in a shallow water tank near the orchid, and naturally adjust the water temperature so that the two are always close.

(cheap pp woven ground cover wholesale)Comprehensive balance, taking watering time as an example, there will be changes in each season(20 cell plug trays supplier). In the spring, the night is warm and cold, and the watering time should be chosen at 8-9 am. The moist vegetation is accompanied by the gradually rising temperature, which is very beneficial to the germination and growth of the blue plant. Summer is hot and cold, and orchids should be watered at 6-8 o'clock in the evening or 5-6 o'clock in the morning(plastic nursery pots wholesale). If the water is too late in the morning, the wet plant will produce a lot of helium under the action of high temperature, which is very easy to burn the root.

The temperature characteristics from mid-autumn to late autumn are similar to those in spring, and the watering time can be the same as spring(sureroot plug trays bulk). The winter is cold and cold, and the best time to water is at noon on a sunny day. Most of Molan is native to mountain forests with warmer temperatures, abundant rainfall, and perennial humidity. Watering should be more diligent, and often foliar sprays and humidification(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Both Jianlan and Hanlan are intermediate species, and the demand for water temperature and humidity is slightly less than that of Molan, but more than Cymbidium.(cheap pp woven ground cover wholesale)

The native land of Cymbidium is the highest in altitude(40 cell plug trays supplier). Most of it grows on the top of the mountain. The soil dries quickly after rain. Even if it does not rain for 1 month, it will not die. This requires the plants to dry quickly after watering. Chunlan is more than a mountain forest edge, shrub grass slope, just bare light, semi-yang and half shade, watering should increase two or three points on the basis of the orchid, seasonal changes will inevitably cause temperature changes(wholesale nursery pots), but also inevitably make orchids absorb water The amount has changed.

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