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In order to breathe, oxygen needs to be supplied continuously, and the carbon dioxide released in the process of breathing needs to be discharged at the same time(gallon pot). Seed embryo uses solute, cells increase and divide, the whole embryo breaks through seed coat(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The seed quality of the same tree species and different seed batches was compared as one of the bases for determining the sowing amount.

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For example, it is stipulated that the germination test temperature of Masson pine seeds is 25 ℃, and the end date of germination test is 20 days(square grow pots). Generally, seeds begin to germinate when the water content is 40% - 60%. Some scleroderma seeds can grow into seedlings only by swelling and softening the seed coat(105 cell seed starter trays). Seed germination ability is the most important indicator of seed quality, which is a physiological process.(cheap plant growing trays wholesale suppliers germany)

If there are 100 seeds, 60 seeds will germinate in this period, the germination rate is 60, etc(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). the germination potential of seeds refers to the percentage of seeds that are normally germinated in the total number of seeds for test until the day when the average daily germination number reaches the highest(200 cell seed starting trays). Seed germination should have appropriate temperature, too low or too high temperature is not conducive to seed germination.

(cheap plant growing trays wholesale suppliers germany)For example, according to the species of genus(200 cell seed starter trays), the temperature of Wanglou is 15 ℃, the temperature of big leaves is 20 ℃, the temperature of lemon shuttle and blue is 25 ℃, the temperature of red is 30 ℃, and the most suitable temperature for germination of most species is about 25 ℃, or between 20-0 ℃. Too low temperature, low enzyme activity(32 cell plug trays supplier): too high, protein disintegration, or microbial invasion.

Generally, the suitable temperature range for seed germination is relatively wide(32 cell seed starter trays). Some species even germinate at different temperatures within a certain range without significant difference, but most species will have the most suitable temperature. In nature, the temperature of seed germination is changing day and night(105 cell plug trays supplier). Many experiments also prove that changing temperature is better than constant temperature for germination.

The germination of seeds in the field is carried out in the soil under the condition of no light, but some species germinate better under the condition of light(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Therefore, otherwise, the oxygen supply is insufficient, the accumulation of alkali dioxide is too much, the seeds can not breathe normally, the germination is inhibited, and even the seeds are mildewed, and young plants begin to grow(50 cell plug trays supplier). 

From the pure seeds obtained by the purity measurement, 1000 seeds are randomly counted and weighed(plastic plant trays wholesale). Therefore, some tree species are required to carry out germination test under the light condition, and the light time is about 8 hours(72 cell plant trays bulk). If the tree species required to carry out germination test under the variable temperature condition is specified, the light can be applied at the same time in the high temperature stage.(cheap plant growing trays wholesale suppliers germany)

Generally, germination bed or germination box is used for determination(greenhouse supplies pots). When germination cannot be measured for various reasons (such as limited conditions, long dormancy period of seeds, and the germination ability of seeds needs to be known in a short period of time), some rapid methods can be used to measure seed viability(72 cell propagation trays). In the process of seed germination, the most suitable temperature varies with the species.

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