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Suffocating on the surface is to create relative humidity and temperature difference(propagation tray), in fact, the principle is to form a cycle of water evaporation and back pouring. During the day, the transpiration condenses at night. Absorbing moisture reduces salt. However, it will cause the plant's resistance to weaken, and summer or pests and diseases will lead to death. In the case of high humidity(flat plastic tray), the root system can be used to absorb water and increase the channel for absorbing nutrients, so the leaf epidermal cell fluid will regain its vitality due to moisture.

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(cheap plant nursery containers for sale uk)Suffocating is to suffocate together with the basin. It is not advisable to suffocate the cup(plug trays). The biggest unrest factor is the water content of the basin. If the soil is dry, the root system will grow upwards under the action of the root system to the water. Because the average humidity above is larger than the following. At that time, it will be found that the roots only grow to half of the upper part, and the roots are entangled on the upper part(plastic grow pots), affecting the absorption of nutrients, and there is no root in the lower part, and the soil will be knotted. When you are not bored, it will be bad.

Because the plants are always in a humid environment, the water absorbed by the leaves is also sufficient(gallon plant pot). Once transferred to a dry environment, the source of water is greatly reduced, there will be incompatibility, the window surface will dry up, and growth will stop. The greenhouse is actually a huge sultry environment, that is, we must slow down the roots after buying the plants(greenhouse supplies pots). Therefore, conservation should not be greedy, contrary to the original laws of plants, to understand the needs of plants.(cheap plant nursery containers for sale uk)

Yulu suffocating is actually a simple greenhouse effect(cell trays). Some flower friends have never actually practiced it, so I don’t know how Yulu is suffocating. This article takes Huayou’s Yulu as an example, combined with some problems of succulent plants. Simply talk about the way that Yulu is sulking. Yulu squeezing is to use a colorless and transparent plastic product directly on the jade(wholesale greenhouse pots), you can open the hole for ventilation, but you can also do not open the hole, which should be combined with your own specific situation.

(cheap plant nursery containers for sale uk)Suffocating plants can't be placed in the sun, otherwise the smaller the greenhouse space, the higher the local temperature will rise(gallon nursery pots). Shading plus cooling can extend the time of suffocation. The spring and autumn seasons are suffocating to speed up the growth process, generally 5-50 degrees of rainy days(seed starter trays). In fine weather, it is recommended to remove the sultry device to let it sunbathe, but pay attention to the water on the jade, otherwise it is easy to sunburn.

Winter suffocation is to create a small greenhouse effect for Yulu(black plastic plant pots), should observe the situation in time to prevent the production of mold, the number of watering should not be too frequent, it is best to only slightly immerse the basin. I like the color difference caused by the large temperature difference of Yulu, and use it with caution. Because Yulu is generally swelled in spring and autumn, it is just when the temperature difference is large(square nursery pots), and suffocating creates a small greenhouse for Yulu, which makes it impossible to produce its colorful scene under the large temperature difference.

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