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Cover the seeds with soil, a thin layer can be used, of course, can survive without covering the soil(seedling trays wholesale). It can be germinated about 10 days after sowing. It is best to add a little calcium superphosphate powder to the matrix and mix them evenly. The money string is strange and beautiful in appearance. It is cultivated as a potted plant and has a good decorative effect in the home. Moreover, this succulent plant is relatively easy to breed and has many breeding methods(plastic nursery pots). Common breeding methods include cuttings, leaf cutting, and beheading.

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(cheap plant nursery containers wholesale suppliers nz)Below, Xiaobian will briefly introduce these breeding methods for everyone(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). Money strings are generally reproduced in the spring and autumn, because these two seasons are often their growth period, usually from the spring of the previous year's autumn. If the money string is cut, you need to cut healthy branches(plastic nursery pots wholesale). In the hot summer months, it is not suitable for breeding, especially in a hot environment, it is difficult to breed.

Spikes or other knives are usually used to cut the growth from the mother plant, even the long branches(200 cell seed starter trays), and then the cut branches are cut into segments. It should be noted that when making cuttings, at least 2 or more leaves are required on each cutting insert to facilitate photosynthesis and accelerate germination and growth(black plastic nursery pots). If the leaves on the cut branches are densely grown, a few leaves can be removed first to facilitate the lower cut.

(cheap plant nursery containers wholesale suppliers nz)After the cuttings are made, place them in a cool, ventilated atmosphere to dry the wound(104 cell seed starting trays). After the wound has coagulated and healed, insert it into the culture soil. Be sure to wait until the wound has healed and then insert it into the moist soil, otherwise it will easily cause the base of the cutting to rot. The leaf insertion process of the string is the same as that of other succulents, and it is necessary to select and cut the leaves that are robust(plug trays wholesale), original and full, and relatively strong for leaf insertion.

Then place the leaves on wet sand or vermiculite, place the leaves and move them to a cool, ventilated place to wait for germination(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). It should be noted that the petiole of the blade should be in full contact with the substrate, which is more conducive to rooting and germination of the blade. Pay attention to moisturizing measures during the period, but do not water, you can spray, spray(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and try to avoid splashing water on the leaves, especially near the base of the wound.(cheap plant nursery containers wholesale suppliers nz)

As long as the appropriate shade(105 cell seed starter trays), ensure that the temperature is appropriate, do a good job of moisturizing the basin and maintain a suitable air humidity, usually after 3 weeks can be rooted and sprouted. The cutting method of the beheading of the money string is also very simple. We only need to remove the main branch with the strongest growth and prominentness and more than two leaves from the mother plant(wholesale nursery pots), and remove several leaves at the lower end of the beheading seedling. Then place your head in a cool, ventilated place for 1-2 days.

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