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For the sake of beauty, the branches of the peony spider plant that have been simply treated are gently inserted into the potting soil(wholesale nursery pots). Of course, the length is not a key factor. Depending on the specific situation, the peony spider plant is a plant that has strong environmental adaptability and strong vitality. The effect of Sedum is very good. It can be used not only for indoor potting, but also for planting in the open field(50 cell seed starter trays). More importantly, it is also medicinal, so it has been widely used in recent years.

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(cheap plant plastic pots suppliers dubai)Here are two ways to breed Sedum sarmentos(black plastic nursery pots). Let's take a look. As a novice, you can master the culture method of Sedum sarmentosum, but if you are a veteran, it is necessary to understand the breeding methods of Sedum sarmentosum. This will not only increase the fun of breeding, but also raise a few pots to challenge yourself. As for how to breed shamrock(72 cell seed starter trays), in general there are two methods: sowing and cutting, the specific operation, Xiaobian will be detailed for everyone.

The breeding method of Sedum sarmentosum is generally based on sowing(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), but with the emergence of a large number of new horticultural varieties, its seeds become difficult to collect. Therefore, indoor breeding of sedum, the use of cuttings, but if there are seeds, another method, the method of sowing and propagation of sedum, the specific operation is as follows: spring, autumn two seasons, choose a temperature above 20 ° C(40 cell seed starting trays), the day will be Seeds are spread in the prepared seeding substrate (charcoal or peat soil).

(cheap plant plastic pots suppliers dubai)Not only scary, sessile stalks cutting, it is best to choose 5-8, this time is the rapid growth period of Sedum sarmentosum(plastic nursery pots wholesale), strong activity, high cutting survival rate. In May-August, the stalks of the stalks of more than one year are selected, and the tops of the young stems of about 5 cm are cut out as cuttings(seed propagation trays). Matrix: According to the growth habits of Sedum sarmentosum, you can use: idyllic soil, yellow sand, ash or fine sawdust, mixed with 3:5:2 as the cutting substrate.

Flower pots: pots with sloping potted plants, optional clay pots and porcelain pots(plug trays wholesale). Plastic pots can also be used for convenience. After the selection, the tiles are placed on the water seepage at the bottom of the basin to facilitate water seepage, and then it can be planted in the culture soil. Then slowly watering, to prepare for the above, the cutting propagation of the sloping grass can officially begin(18 cell seed starting trays). First, insert a few holes in the potting soil with bamboo chopsticks, and then insert the prepared cuttings into the hole, no more than 2 cm in depth.

(cheap plant plastic pots suppliers dubai)For plants of Sedum, the cutting distance is preferably kept at 2 cm(plastic nursery pots). Pour enough water after cutting, usually 10 to 15 days to survive, into normal maintenance. In general, whether it is sowing or breeding, or cutting propagation, Sedum can survive rooting, and then properly watered, friends who are interested can try both(20 cell seed starting trays). If you have a pot of sloping grass around you, and you just want to raise a pot, then you can try it yourself.

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