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How to properly apply potash fertilizer? With the large-scale planting of late hybrid rice(plastic nursery pots), the potassium deficiency reaction is more sensitive than conventional rice, and the effect of potassium deficiency on late rice yield is more obvious. Increasing potassium application can enhance disease resistance and cold resistance(4 cell trays bulk), prolong leaf life, prevent the occurrence and development of premature aging, enhance root activity, and improve fertilizer absorption and utilization of late rice.

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Let's talk about the maintenance points of potted jade flowers(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The application of potassium fertilizer is not as good as possible. It is best to increase the yield of rice by applying 5-12 kg of chemical potassium fertilizer per mu, and the economic benefit is also the best(6 cell trays bulk). According to the most need of potassium in young rice, the highest potassium uptake from tillering to booting stage and the fact that potassium can be transferred in the body and can be reused.(cheap plant plastic starter pots wholesale supplier)

The sterilization time is not enough. The first time before the transplanting, Pingtian Shi, 6-7 kg per acre(black plastic nursery pots). For the second time, 3-4 kg per acre is used in the late rice tillering stage, which can be combined with the first nitrogen application to meet the needs of late rice potassium absorption peak(8 cell trays bulk). In places where chemical potash is scarce, the demand for hybrid late rice should be met first, and the application rate should be higher than that of indica and other late rice.

Late rice is susceptible to low temperature and pests and diseases(cell trays). Promote high yield and good harvest of late rice. If 10 kg of potassium chloride is used per acre of late rice, it should be applied twice. If 5 kg of potassium chloride is applied per acre, it is best to apply the topdressing effect at the beginning of tillering(12 cell trays bulk). it is good. In the high temperature and dry season, fertilization can not only promote the increase of crop yield, but also may reduce production.

(cheap plant plastic starter pots wholesale supplier)For potted plants, specifically when the fruit body grows to about 1.5 cm, so that when the pressure cooker is sterilized, the cold air is not exhausted(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The hybrid late rice is thick and stalked, and the roots are deep and leafy. many. Hybrid late rice should be sprayed 1-2 times with potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution at the late growth stage(18 cell trays bulk). In the poorly drained soil, it is best to use potassium chloride instead of potassium sulfate to prevent the reduction of potassium sulfate to sulfide roots.

In recent years, the root plate of the diseased plant rotted and fell off during the excavation, and the onion ball gradually rotted(wholesale nursery pots). A variety of roots, especially gray fly species, occur more and can aggravate the disease. The leaves and roots of the diseased plants will rot and lead to more saprophytic insects, and the roots will also gather many rotten nematodes(36 cell trays bulk). At present, many people misdiagnose the disease as a pest, and use pesticides to infuse roots or spray. Not only is it ineffective, but there is no burden of feeding.

If you choose a mushroom bud with a good position and a mushroom shape, you can grow it into two individuals, and you can grow into a large individual and good commercial Pleurotus eryngii(24 cell trays bulk). Temperature is an extremely important condition affecting the effect of fertilizer application. On the one hand, it can affect the conversion of fertilizer in soil and the accumulation of effective nutrients(40 cell trays bulk). On the other hand, it also affects the internal physiological effects of crops.(cheap plant plastic starter pots wholesale supplier)

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