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Cheap Plant Starter Trays Wholesale Price Canada

Generally in the following phenological period, if the soil moisture content is low, it should be irrigated in time(128 cell plug trays supplier). For example, loam and sand loam should be clenched into clumps by hand. When squeezed, the soil is not easy to break, so irrigation is not necessary; if no clumps can be formed after the fingers are released, irrigation is required(1 gallon plastic nursery pots). The number of holes is generally 8-12, and the diameter is about 30cm. Ditch irrigation opens an irrigation ditch between rows of orchards.

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The depth of the holes is based on not injuring the thick roots(40 cell plug tray wholesale). After the irrigation, the soil is restored. According to the phenological period of fruit trees, fruit trees have different water requirements in different phenological periods. Before and after germination to the flowering stage, the water in the soil can strengthen the growth of new shoots(rootmaker propagation trays), increase the leaf area, enhance photosynthesis, and make the flowering and fruit set normal.

(cheap plant starter trays wholesale price canada)New shoot growth and young fruit expansion period This period is often referred to as the critical period of water demand for fruit trees, when the fruit trees require the most water(2.5inch square nursery pots). If the water is insufficient, the leaves will take away the water from the young fruit, causing the young fruit to fall off(one gallon pot). In severe drought, the leaves will also take water from the absorbing roots, resulting in weakened growth and a significant decrease in yield.

According to the water content of the soil, the maximum amount of water that the soil can hold is called the soil water holding capacity(3.5inch square nursery pots). The period of rapid fruit expansion at this time for most deciduous fruit trees is both a rapid expansion of the fruit and a period of differentiation of a large number of flower buds(5.12inch plastic plant pots). Therefore, when the soil water content is less than 60% of the water holding capacity, according to the specific situation, decide whether irrigation is needed.

Irrigation in this period can not only meet the moisture requirements of fruit hypertrophy, but also promote the strong differentiation of flower buds, thereby ensuring high yield(4.5inch square nursery pots), To form a large number of effective flower buds, creating conditions for successive years of high yield. The frozen water is filled with frozen water once before the soil freezes(long life propagation trays), which can prevent the fruit trees from stripping and is extremely beneficial for overwintering.(cheap plant starter trays wholesale price canada)

In production, it is also possible to decide whether to irrigate by hand or visual inspection based on experience(4.5inch deep square pots). When selecting the main branch, pay attention to the branching angle, especially the upright tree varieties, such as golden red, early red, etc., and pay more attention to selecting the branches with large angles as the main branches(5.5inch plastic plant pots); the varieties with open tree positions, such as Huang Taiping, can choose the ones with slightly larger angles The branches are the main branches.

(cheap plant starter trays wholesale price canada)If it is sticky loam, it can form a lump when pinched, but if it is gently pressed, cracks are easy to occur, and irrigation is required(seedling trays wholesale). The depth of the ditch is about 20 ~ 25cm. After irrigation, the ditch is filled. Its advantages are uniform wetting of the whole orchard, economical use of water, protection of the soil structure, and good soil ventilation(nursery tray manufacturers). Activity, reduce workload, and facilitate mechanized farming, so furrow irrigation is a more reasonable method of surface irrigation.

When the soil water content reaches 60-80% of the water holding capacity, it is most in line with the needs of fruit tree growth results(seed starting trays supplier). Disc irrigation (tree tray irrigation) uses the trunk as a dot, and makes a disc-shaped pit on the ground within the canopy projection, or surrounds the disc with soil as a ridge, and the disc is connected to the irrigation ditch to allow water to flow into the disc for irrigation Loosen the soil in the front plate(1.5 gallon nursery pots), rake the top soil or cover with grass after irrigation.

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