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Cheap Plant Trays Heavy Duty Wholesale SA

In order to prevent pathogenic microorganisms in the seedling substrate(200 cell plant trays bulk), the substrate disinfection machine can be used for disinfection before use. These five major matrix sterilizers are actually a small steam boiler that is sterilized by making high temperature steam. Before the seedling substrate is sent to the feeder and the loading machine, it is generally necessary to mix well with a mixer(wholesale nursery pots). The purpose is to uniformly mix the components in the matrix; the second is to break the agglomerated matrix so as not to affect the loading.

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(cheap plant trays heavy duty wholesale sa)The automatic spinning production line of the tray is the core equipment for factory seedling cultivation(32 cell plant trays bulk). It consists of a matrix loading machine, a pressure hole and a precision machine, a soil squeezing machine and a spray machine. It mainly completes the substrate loading, pressing and sowing. , covering, repressing and spraying a series of operations. Together, they form an automatic production line, and each part can be operated independently after being disassembled(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Precision seeders can be divided into two types, mechanical rotary and vacuum air suction.

It is a nursery and germination facility that can automatically control the temperature(50 cell plant trays bulk). The irrigation and fertilization system of the factory seedlings generally adopts a walking type sprinkling device, which has high labor saving efficiency and good operation effect. There are many types of CO2 generating devices, some of which use coke and charcoal as raw materials, some use kerosene and petroleum as raw materials, and some use chemical reaction of ammonium bicarbonate and dilute sulfuric acid to release CO2(plug trays wholesale). Indoor application of CO2 can promote seedling growth fast and robust.

(cheap plant trays heavy duty wholesale sa)In the constant temperature germination chamber(50 cell seed trays wholesale), the temperature is easy to adjust, the number of germination is large, and the budding is uniform. The facilities used for industrial seedlings usually have modern greenhouses or greenhouses with automatic temperature regulation, humidity control and ventilation devices. The automation is high and the space is large, which is conducive to mechanized operation(black plastic nursery pots). At the same time, it is equipped with equipment such as automatic drip irrigation, water spray, spray spraying, as well as seedling greening room, automatic intelligent grafting machine, and healing device.

The factory-based soilless seedlings mainly adopt the plug seedling cultivation method(72 cell seed trays wholesale), and the soilless culture substrate such as grass charcoal and coco peat is used as the seedling substrate and the modern seedling nursery system. The main operation process is as follows: the selection of the substrate is the same as that of ordinary soilless seedlings. In the sowing workshop, the automatic finening production line is used for seeding(plastic nursery pots wholesale), which realizes a series of mechanized and programmed operations such as loading, pressing, covering, repressing and watering, which is convenient, quick, and saves time and effort.

(cheap plant trays heavy duty wholesale sa)After the sowing, the plugs should be placed in the germination chamber for germination(seed planting trays wholesale). After the seeds are germinated, they should be placed in the greening room immediately to see the greening, so as not to affect the growth and quality of the seedlings. Grafting after greening as needed. The management of seedlings is roughly the same as that of ordinary soilless seedlings(plastic nursery pots). The difference is that you should make full use of your facilities and equipment, strengthen the management of nutrient solution and environmental regulation, effectively prevent pests and diseases, and make the seedlings grow robust and tidy.

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