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Anthocyanins are water-soluble substances distributed in the cell fluid(plastic nursery plant pots). The color of these pigments changes with the pH value of the cell fluid. There is such a small experiment: a red morning glory bubble in alkaline soapy water, its color quickly turned blue; and then the blue morning glory bubble in vinegar, it turned red again(3.5 inch square plastic pots). Flower bud differentiation is in the order of flower Zun, corolla, stamen and stamen.

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There are one or more ovules in the ovary(plant growing pots). When the pollen grains fall on the stigma, the pollen tube germinates and extends into the male stigma. The male germ cells are sent into the ovule of the ovary through the style, and combine with the egg cells in the ovule to produce the zygote, and then the zygote develops continuously to form the seed(5 gallon nursery pots). Anthocyanins are blue in alkaline solution, red in acid solution and purple in neutral solution.

(cheap plastic 1 gallon nursery pots suppliers united states)So Goldilocks contain another kind of carotene, which makes the corolla orange(15 gal pots). Carotenoids in tulip flowers make the corolla beautiful orange red. Therefore, the color of petals containing a lot of anthocyanins varies between red, blue and purple, which mainly depends on the pH value of different plant cell fluids(72 cell trays). In yellow, orange yellow, orange red flowers contain a pigment called carotenoids, so it is gradually eliminated by nature.

Plant cells containing flavonoid pigment or yellow oil droplets can also make the petals yellow(10 gallon plant pots). The cells containing a large amount of chlorophyll are green. White flowers because the cells do not contain any pigment, it shows the white petal cells, there are many small air bubbles composed of air, it can reflect all the light, the flowers are white(sureroots deep cell plug trays). This kind of aromatic substance is called essential oil, which has a discharge property.(cheap plastic 1 gallon nursery pots suppliers united states)

The reason why black flowers are the most rare is natural selection in the process of biological evolution(germination tray). The reason why some flowers emit fragrance is that the petals contain oil cells, which can secrete a variety of aromatic oil substances. Some common flowers change color from flowering to decay, such as morning glory when it is red at the beginning and purple when it is dying(72 cell trays bulk). Thus, if the Yellow Rose contains carotenoids, it will show yellow.

(cheap plastic 1 gallon nursery pots suppliers united states)The reason why black flowers are rare is that black can absorb light waves and is easily damaged by light waves(plastic pots for plants online). Apricot flowers are red when they are in bud, gradually fade when they open, and nearly white at last. These changes are related to the changes of pH and temperature of cell fluid in petals(4 inch square greenhouse pots). According to information, white flowers are the most, followed by yellow, red, blue, purple, green, orange and brown flowers.

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