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Cheap Plastic 1 Gallon Plant Pots In Canada

The development of sunflower production is conducive to the full development and utilization of land resources, increase agricultural income(plastic nursery pots nz), and promote the development of local animal husbandry, beekeeping and oil processing industries with great market potential. The cultivation technique is: sunflower has strong cold tolerance at the seedling stage and mature stage(plant cell trays). The seeds begin to swell and germinate at 2 to 4 ° C, and can germinate at 4 ° C.(cheap plastic 1 gallon plant pots in canada)

Seedlings can be produced at 5 ° C, and 8 to 10 ° C can meet the needs of normal emergence(plant planters pots). The seedlings can withstand a low temperature of minus 4 ° C for several hours, and can still resume normal growth after the low temperature, and have strong cold resistance. When the temperature is as high as 50 ° C, when the relative humidity is 30 to 50%, the body temperature can be adjusted by the transpiration of the leaves(large black plastic plant pots), and normal physiological activities can still be performed.

When there is no wind or rain, the bee pollination can increase the seed setting rate by about 40%(large plastic garden pots cheap). Before planting, the specific fertilizer per 30 mu of soil is 30-35 dan or 25 liters of cattle faeces, and the ash can be added to the ash, and the plough is used for hoeing, and the width is 2 to 2.5 meters. Live or seedling transplanting can be carried out, planting density of 65 ~ 60 cm, 1 seedlings per hole(6 cell plant trays). The planting should be early and should be small, and should be set at 1 to 2 pairs of true leaves and seedling heights of 15 to 20 cm.

(cheap plastic 1 gallon plant pots in canada)For the first time, 12-15 kg of ammonium nitrate or 25 kg of ammonium bicarbonate or 8 kg of urea plus 15 kg of potassium chloride may be applied(15 gallon plastic container). The herbicide "Fluoride" has a good effect on narrow-leaf weeds. Sunflower spring sowing from late March to mid-April, the earlier the sowing, the higher the yield quality.  However, if the temperature is higher than 40 ° C and the relative humidity reaches 90%, the growth stops(wholesale succulent pots), the disease resistance is weakened, and leaf spot and rust are easily caused.

A lot of the front is for the experts to see, the first hand shovel sparse seed weeding(plant propagation trays), the second weeding combined with seedling cultivating, seedling height 50 ~ 60 cm when the soil ridges fall. It uses 300 grams of water and 20 kilograms of water, and is cut into the soil layer by 10 cm to avoid damage to the seedlings. 50% of the grass is good for broad-leaved weeds(small succulent pots bulk). 200 grams of water plus 20 kg, sprayed within 3 days after sowing, killing the sprouting grass and so on.

Bee pollination, some sunflower varieties have branching characteristics(terracotta plastic plant pots), nutrient dispersion, affecting the development of the main stem, disk, so that the disk is smaller, the yield quality is reduced, should be snoring early, control long sputum. Reasonable topdressing. 7~8 has a good effect on applying nitrogen and potassium fertilizer to true leaves(nursery flower pots). In the field where no base fertilizer is applied at the time of sowing, it is necessary to apply fertilizer early.

(cheap plastic 1 gallon plant pots in canada)Sunflowers are not self-sufficient, artificially assisted in pollination or pollinated by insect cross-pollination(3 gal plastic nursery pots). Artificial pollination uses soft cotton as a puff to help the pollen of different discs spread to each other on the faceplate. Pollination during the flowering period from 8 to 10 am (dry morning dew) and 14 o'clock in the afternoon can increase the seed setting rate by more than 30%(5 gallon flower pot). That is to say, in the flowering period, the temperature is about 28 °C.

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