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Cheap Plastic 1 Gallon Pots Bulk Buy

Pitaya is a cactus flower whose origin is in the tropical desert region of Central America such as Brazil and Mexico(large plastic bonsai pots). Therefore, in recent years, such fruits, which were originally developed in the south, have been introduced more and more into greenhouses in the north, and have been successful(grass plug trays). In our local rural area, a dragon fruit picking greenhouse, the picking price of more than 20 yuan per catty, can be more objective.

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Pitaya is a subtropical desert flower in the south, so it has the basic characteristics of high temperature resistance, drought resistance and thinness(plastic hydroponic trays). In the process of evolution, in order to effectively reduce the evaporation of water, the leaves are almost degraded, leaving only the thick stems, its stems are dark green, extending in a triangular shape(greenhouse plant pots), relying on stems to stop photosynthesis. During the development process, the demand for illumination is large.

(cheap plastic 1 gallon pots bulk buy)It is a typical tropical flower(large hydroponic tray). The main root of dragon fruit develops slowly, but the lateral roots develop rapidly and can better absorb the nutrients of the soil surface. The flowers of dragon fruit are relatively large, the flowering period is relatively long, the petals are white, and the flowers bloom from May to November every year(5 gallon plastic pots for plants). 4-5 batches of flowers can be opened in one year, so the harvest period is longer and more suitable for sightseeing.

In fact, as long as it has mastered its habits, planting dragon fruit in the northern greenhouse can also achieve a bumper harvest(plug trays canada). The pit of the pitaya is thicker, not only resistant to storage, but also resistant to pests and diseases. The wall of the greenhouse can be constructed with hollow bricks or insulation boards(greenhouse trays plastic). The height is too high, which may lead to excessive development of the stem of the dragon fruit, and the development of the fruit and the accumulation of nutrients.

In winter, it must not be lower than 0 °C, in order to ensure that it is not frozen(succulent plug trays). The extreme temperature developed by Pitaya can withstand low temperatures of 0 ° C and high temperatures of 40 ° C. However, the most suitable temperature for development is between 20 ° C and 35 ° C. In the process of cultivation of dragon fruit, the temperature must be strictly controlled(soil block propagation trays). Therefore, in the north planting dragon fruit, it is necessary to build a greenhouse with good insulation effect.(cheap plastic 1 gallon pots bulk buy)

Light transmission is better(1.5 gallon plastic container). The height of the greenhouse should not be too high, and it is more than 1.5 meters higher than the dragon fruit. The span of the greenhouse can be determined based on actual conditions. In order to ensure the temperature in the winter shed, the winter night is covered with cold-proof straw curtains or insulation quilts(shallow microgreen trays), and heating facilities such as earth heating can be installed in the shed to prevent extreme cold weather.

(cheap plastic 1 gallon pots bulk buy)Pitaya is a hi-light flower. In the process of cultivation of dragon fruit, it can develop rapidly(200 cell plug trays). Therefore, the plastic film in the greenhouse should have good transparency. It is also necessary to choose a no-drop film to ensure the normal cleaning of the plastic film, so that the dragon fruit can get sufficient light, and it can stop photosynthesis with full time and maximize the accumulation of nutrients(best microgreen trays). Promote the fruit to grow faster and grow bigger.

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