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After 30 days of seedling stage, it enters the growth stage of rape, and the management of growth stage is generally extensive(sugarcane nursery trays). The temperature in the north is getting colder and colder. At this time, the temperature is kept at 20 ℃ in the daytime and above 5 ℃ at night(plastic plant pots). When the temperature is too low, the surrounding area of the arch shed should be covered with straw, and the small arch shed can be built in the shed to improve the room temperature just like the seedling stage.

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It can survive the winter safely and lay the foundation for high yield(2.5 inch succulent pot). Before overwintering, the root is deep, the leaf is thick, and there are more than 7 leaves in a single plant. For water and fertilizer management, water should be poured once after planting, preferably in the form of thin fecal water. After 7-10 days, slow seedling water should be poured in combination with watering(propagation tray succulents). From the end of November to the beginning of December, pour the frozen water, and then apply the manure or chemical fertilizer.

(cheap plastic 1.5 gallon nursery pots manufacturer)After continuous pouring of two water, large ventilation is required(deep propagation trays). The main heat preservation measures are to tighten the shed film, the grass curtain around the shed (open in the daytime to see the light), and the multi-layer covering and heat preservation can be adopted in the shed(small plastic plant containers), and the small arch shed can be used to cover the film, or the film or the old agricultural film can be directly spread on the rape border, covered at night and opened in the daytime.

 Adjust the temperature and humidity, the external temperature is relatively high at the initial stage of planting(plastic hanging baskets for sale). The canopy is lifted around and the top seam is opened. At the same time of heat preservation and cold prevention, it is necessary to open the top seam and side seam for ventilation for about one hour at noon when the temperature is high in sunny days(lavender plug trays), so as to discharge the moisture in the shed and prevent the occurrence of rotten leaves and diseases.

According to the growth of rape, it should be listed in time(plastic tree pots wholesale). If the rape is heated by fire or covered by multiple layers, it will start to grow in the first ten days of February, and it should be watered and fertilized in time, and then watered once every 10-15 days. The rape in single shed will resume to grow in the middle of February, that is, watered and fertilized once or twice in the first ten days of March and the middle of March(1 gallon plant pots), and 25-30 kg of ammonium bicarbonate will be used every 667 square meters.

(cheap plastic 1.5 gallon nursery pots manufacturer)The furnace fire can be put on the market 10 to 15 days earlier if it is heated for 30 to 40 days(herb plug trays). Or in the first and middle of February, when the weather turns warm, gradually increase the air volume, especially when measuring high at noon, let the air for 1-2 hours, reduce the humidity in the shed, and prevent the spread of rotten leaves and black spot(7 gallon nursery pots). After the first ten days of March, increase ventilation, promote leaf thickness, weight gain and improve quality.

Because it is mainly after the rape enters the growth period(small plastic terracotta pots), the early management of the overwintering period, so it is mainly to promote the robust growth of the rape before winter, at this time, the following management should be done well in the seedling stage. In order to obtain high yield soil conditions, light soil and medium soil should be taken as good conditions(germination tray). After the seedlings come out, they should be watered in time, the distance between the plants should be adjusted, and the seedlings should be kept warm.

The heat preservation work in this period must be in place(15 gallon planter). Four to six fires are generated in every 667 square meters of shed. Promote early growth, fast growth, morning market, increase production, increase revenue. It is required to heat the furnace fire in the last ten days of January and the first ten days of February(plastic pots for plants wholesale). The prevention and control methods of virus diseases are mainly sowing at appropriate time, watering and fertilizing in time, and preventing drought at seedling stage.(cheap plastic 1.5 gallon nursery pots manufacturer)

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