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Cheap Plastic 100 mm Grower Pots Wholesale Price

The plants are also very gratifying, showing a leafy scene(propagation tray). Spring fertilization plays an important role in restoring the rapid growth and germination of potted sweet-scented osmanthus, but in the following summer, we cannot ignore fertilization. Below, Xiaobian will share with you the management method of summer application of sweet-scented osmanthus. If spring is the first important season for potted sweet-scented osmanthus fertilization(cell trays), then the next summer season is the second important season for fertilizing it.(cheap plastic 100 mm grower pots wholesale price)

Generally, after entering the summer of July(greenhouse supplies pots), it is often necessary to continue to manage fertilization for it, which not only ensures the plant's vigorous growth vigor, but also improves the drought tolerance, heat resistance and high temperature resistance of potted sweet-scented osmanthus. At the same time, if we accumulate sufficient nutrients by applying fertilizer at this stage in summer, it will be more conducive to the formation of osmanthus flower buds(square nursery pots), which is very important for promoting the differentiation of osmanthus flower buds.

After all, the summer of July-August is the period of potted osmanthus differentiation flower buds(plug trays). During the period of fertilization management work, it will directly affect the differentiation effect of flower buds, which will affect the flowering effect of sweet-scented osmanthus in the golden autumn season. It is often mainly to see how well the fertilization work is done during the summer. However, this round of fertilization in summer is usually dominated by organic fertilizers based on phosphorus and potassium(seed starter trays), which is more conducive to flower bud differentiation and flowering in autumn.

(cheap plastic 100 mm grower pots wholesale price)We can use fermented and fermented manure and mixed with phosphorus and potassium fertilizer(plastic grow pots). However, since our summer top dressing is mainly to promote the flowering in autumn, we can also spray some potassium dihydrogen phosphate and rice vinegar solution for potted osmanthus at this time, so that the plant can supply sufficient nutrients for flowering(black plastic plant pots), and at the same time It can also create a partial acidic soil environment for plants, which is more conducive to plant growth and flowering.

You must not look down on the effect of potassium dihydrogen phosphate and rice vinegar mixed solution on promoting potted osmanthus(gallon plant pot), because potassium dihydrogen phosphate is mainly used to supplement the phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to promote flowering, and osmanthus itself is also an acid tree species, so in this case Under the environment, the plants not only grow better, but also flower more and more fragrant(wholesale greenhouse pots). It can be seen that the potted sweet-scented osmanthus grows well, the flowering is fragrant, and the timely and scientific topdressing can not be ignored.(cheap plastic 100 mm grower pots wholesale price)

Let's take a look at when lavender blooms. We can start the basin change operation(flat plastic tray). A touch of light will give you a mysterious aroma. Nowadays, we have entered the spring season. Since we have strengthened the management of water and fertilizer on the potted sweet-scented osmanthus in spring, we can say that the number of osmanthus flowers in the autumn season is not much, and the flower fragrance is not strong(gallon nursery pots). As long as the concentration is controlled, the rice vinegar is mainly to improve the potting soil. Acidity, the effect will be better.

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