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Most of the summer should be a mountain rose should be in a dormant period(gallon planters supplier), so the summer mountain rose should be well maintained, and the flower can be combined to judge. As the summer temperature rises, why does the mountain rose yellow and the core of the bag is tight... In addition to watering, pay attention to ventilation, especially in the summer(plastic nursery pots wholesale), be sure to put the sunshade in a well-ventilated place, otherwise Black rot and sunburn are also inevitable.

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(cheap plastic 104cell plug trays wholesale suppliers uae)However, the mountain rose is resistant to drought and barrenness(7 gallon pots distributor), but when the summer temperature is too high, the plant will go to sleep. After entering the growing season, these tightly wrapped leaves will gradually spread out to form a blooming lotus flower, which is very magical, and then the leaves of the outer ring will slowly dry up. Since the mountain rose easily enters the dormant period during the high temperature season in summer(plastic nursery pots), how does the mountain rose dormancy wake up?

When the mountain rose is awakened(15 gallon pots distributor), it means that it begins to resume growth, and its tightly wrapped leaves will also stretch freely. Based on this, we need to figure out which conditions will cause the plants to go to sleep and then wake up by adjusting the growth environment conditions. After the summer, the temperature will drop, and when the temperature environment becomes suitable for the growth of the plant(black plastic nursery pots), the mountain rose will naturally wake up and restore growth.

(cheap plastic 104cell plug trays wholesale suppliers uae)Let it return to normal growth state and vitality, so that it can restore its original ornamental value(5 gallon pots distributor). We may try to control the temperature below 30 °C, because the mountain rose will be stagnant when the growth environment exceeds 30 °C. State, thus going to sleep. By hydrating, the potting soil is kept slightly moist(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), so that the roots of the plants tend to restore their growth vitality when they absorb water.

Because the mountain rose will enter a dormant state in the high temperature environment in summer(14 gallon pots distributor), proper shading can play a certain role in cooling. After all, the mountain roses are exposed to the sun in the summer, and it is easy to sunburn the plants. It can also achieve a certain cooling effect on the growth environment of the plant. At the same time, due to the high temperature and hot summer watering, by improving the ventilation conditions(wholesale nursery pots), it can effectively avoid the phenomenon of damp heat and airtightness.

(cheap plastic 104cell plug trays wholesale suppliers uae)The maintenance management of the above aspects is the practice of awakening the mountain rose from dormancy through manual intervention(3 gallon pots distributor). As the growing environment is satisfied, the mountain rose will soon wake up, and resume normal growth, while the ornamental value will be restored(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Sometimes we don't need mountain roses to go to sleep or shorten sleep time, then we can achieve recovery by artificial wake-up.

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