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It can be carried out all year round, but the best time is spring and autumn(plug flats). Operation method: choose evergreen which has strong growth and formed ornamental value by soil cultivation. Remove the plant from the basin and remove the rhizosphere soil(10 gallon pots for plants). In order to prevent root rot and promote new root formation, 0.5% potassium permanganate can be used for soaking and disinfection.

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During water cutting, select the strong branches with a diameter of about 1cm, keep the aerial roots on the stem nodes(plastic flower pots in bulk), cut them into small sections with a length of 10cm, sterilize the cut with potassium permanganate, dry the juice from the wound, insert the plain sand or water, maintain a high air humidity at about 25 ℃(black plastic plant pots), and take root and germinate at the base of the cuttings for about 20 days to form a suitable plant material for water culture.(cheap plastic 10x20 growing trays manufacturer)

If nutrients are not enough, there are many ways to cultivate evergreen(plastic plant pots for sale). The cuttings of the above-mentioned fertilizers are susceptible to microbial infection and decay in high temperature seasons in summer. After rooting, the cuttings can be transferred to normal Hydroponics for maintenance. Combined with the depth of land preparation, the depth is less than 15cm(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). In spring, ramets reduce the damage to plants and make the separated plants return to normal growth quickly. 

It is a trend that hydroponics potted plants become more and more vigorous in the period of water cutting and rooting(nursery containers). Therefore, the water should be changed frequently at the beginning of water cutting to keep the water quality clean and meet the oxygen demand of cuttings(1 gallon nursery pots). The cuttings and utensils should be washed with clean water for water changing, especially the washing at the cutting point should be strengthened.(cheap plastic 10x20 growing trays manufacturer)

First, take the plant out of the basin(plastic growing trays), shake off most of the basin soil, straighten the coiled root system, let the tillering seedling and the root system exposed, and then divide the stem of the mother plant into several clumps with a sharp knife according to the needs, disinfect the wound (apply grass and wood ash or sulfur) and clean it, then carry out hydroponics maintenance(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Now there are two main methods, that is, to take branch and water planting from the evergreen, and sprout new roots in about 10 days. 

(cheap plastic 10x20 growing trays manufacturer)Ramets usually begin to grow in spring(5 gallon plastic pots wholesale). Root washing hydroponics can also be used, that is, root washing and hydroponics can be carried out for the evergreen planted in soil. It can be washed repeatedly with tap water, but pay attention not to hurt the root(7 gallon plant pots). The source of water for water culture and maintenance of evergreen should be disinfected tap water meeting the national drinking water standard, in which the salt concentration is less than 300 ppm.

The total concentration of the added inorganic salt should be < 500ppm > ~ < 300ppm >(plastic nursery tray); the total concentration of the added inorganic salt should be < 500ppm > ~ < 300ppm >; the total concentration of the added inorganic salt should be < 500ppm > ~ < 300ppm >; at the initial stage of the root washing, there is no need to add nutrient solution, because the root system is injured (how much will be injured when the soil is removed), and the water can not be added more(2 gallon nursery pots), so that the root system is slightly less damaged It is OK.(cheap plastic 10x20 growing trays manufacturer)

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