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The bonsai tree leaf picking treatment is an important means to promote the germination of tree species that germinate and extract leaves less frequently in a year(custom plant pot). The same is true for wolfberry bonsai, which often uses picking leaves to promote germination(40 cell plug tray wholesale). But the leaf picking of wolfberry bonsai is not possible anytime, anywhere, so when is the time to pick the leaves of wolfberry bonsai?

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Some are suitable to be carried out earlier, and some are suitable to be carried out later(buy succulent pots online). However, it is generally not suitable to pick leaves in spring or budding in summer. In addition to grasping the leaves, the method is also important. For ordinary bonsai trees(51 cell propagation trays wholesale), when deciding to pick leaves, it is necessary to strengthen water and fertilizer management half a month ago to promote the rapid germination of new shoots.(cheap plastic 10x20 plant trays wholesale suppliers)

If the leaves are picked in late spring(small succulent pots wholesale), early summer, and autumn, we often need to apply a slightly higher concentration of liquid fertilizer one month before these two time periods, so that the shoots can quickly extract new buds, new leaves and flower bud(104 cell propagation trays wholesale)s. The main purpose of picking leaves in late spring and early summer is to promote the sprout of tender green leaves of wolfberry and improve the ornamental of bonsai.

But the top dressing of wolfberry should adhere to the principle of “thin fertilizer and diligent application”(bulk buy plastic plant pots), and can not apply raw fertilizer. The picking of leaves at this time is mainly to promote the simultaneous extraction of flower buds and leaf buds(4.5inch deep square pots). Because although it is said to pick leaves, it is usually required to leave the petioles on the branches. It can keep the bonsai tree often with fresh green leaves and the bonsai ornamental value is higher. 

(cheap plastic 10x20 plant trays wholesale suppliers)In late autumn, not only can you watch the leaves, but you can also watch the fruits(black plastic nursery pots wholesale). At this time, the new green leaves and bright red fruits contrast with each other, and the ornamental effect is excellent. However, although the germination ability of wolfberry tree is strong(4.5inch square nursery pots), we can't pick it too many times in a year, it is most suitable to pick the leaf twice: once in late spring and early summer, and once in early autumn.

Before picking the leaves of wolfberry bonsai(5 gallon plastic pots wholesale), we need to master the techniques and details in the process of picking the leaves, in addition to top dressing in advance, grasping the timing of picking leaves, and controlling the number of picking leaves. In general, for the robust growth of wolfberry bonsai, the area of leaf extraction can be extended to the entire tree(3.5inch square nursery pots), especially in the case of thick branches with dense leaves, it is more important to pick leaves.

It should be noted that if we are in the process of picking leaves of wolfberry bonsai(plastic growers pots suppliers), it is generally not appropriate to pick leaves directly with bare hands. It is not easy to do this by picking the leaves with bare hands, and it is also easy to remove or hurt the axillary buds. Therefore, when picking leaves, you need to use scissors to directly cut off the leaves and leave the petioles on the branches(2.5inch square nursery pots). It is best to implement them in spring and autumn.(cheap plastic 10x20 plant trays wholesale suppliers)

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