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Cheap Plastic 15 Cell Plug Trays Wholesale Suppliers USA

The smaller the trays, the more sensitive the plug seedlings are to changes in soil moisture, nutrients, oxygen, pH, and EC values(15cm plastic grow pots). Black trays are generally chosen because they absorb more solar energy and increase the temperature of the roots. The thoroughly cleaned and sterilized trays can also be reused(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). It is recommended to use safer quaternary ammonium disinfectants. It can also be used for sterilization and algae removal in irrigation systems to avoid the growth of bacteria and moss.

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(cheap plastic 15 cell plug trays wholesale suppliers usa)Ensure that the depth of sowing is also consistent(16cm plastic grow pots). The color of the tray also affects the temperature at the root of the plant. The deeper the pores, the more air there is in the matrix, which is beneficial to the gas, the salt and the gas, which is beneficial to the growth of the roots. It is not recommended to use bleach or chlorine for disinfection because chlorine reacts chemically with the plastic in the tray to produce toxic substances(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). No plant pests and weeds; the quality of each batch of substrate is consistent.

There are two main methods of using the humectant, one is to add directly when the matrix is prepared(16.5cm plastic grow pots), and the other is to dissolve the water in the later irrigation, and enter the matrix together with the irrigation water. The former method of use is more common. At present, the humectant products that can be used for vegetable seedling seedlings in China are only consulted by Baiyong Wetting Active Agent produced by Shanghai Yongtong Chemical Co., Ltd., which is light yellow liquid(black plastic nursery pots), pH 6~8, active content ≥95% .

(cheap plastic 15 cell plug trays wholesale suppliers usa)The humectant is often a surfactant(19cm plastic grow pots). According to the product introduction, the humectant is diluted 1:100 before seedling, and evenly sprayed to the matrix to be mixed at a dose of 10 kg per cubic meter, such as moisture absorption after one treatment. Not perfect, repeated treatment 1~2 times or increased usage during initial treatment can achieve the desired effect(wholesale nursery pots); during the seedling period, the humectant is diluted according to the ratio of 1:1500 and directly irrigated.

The growth action is dispersed to the surrounding side branches(20cm plastic grow pots). According to the current formulation of foreign commodity substrates, anionic surfactants such as carboxylates, sulfonates, sulfates and phosphates are easily eluted in the matrix. Period or validity period is shorter. Select the appropriate tray, select the good substrate, and fill the substrate correctly(plastic nursery pots wholesale), punch the hole, spread the seed evenly into the center of the hole, evenly cover the seed, and properly water.(cheap plastic 15 cell plug trays wholesale suppliers usa)

This completes the first step of planting seedling seedlings(23cm plastic grow pots). The matrix must have a depth of at least 5 mm to have gravity, so that the water in the matrix seeps and the oxygen content increases. The shape of the hole is preferably a square trapezoidal trapezoid, which is advantageous for guiding the root system to extend downward, instead of winding the inner wall around the hole like a circular or vertical side hole(plastic nursery pots). Deeper pores provide more favorable conditions for drainage and venting of the substrate.

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