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The pepper plants are small(seedling tray 104 holes), thin and weak, with short internode, thin and hard stems and purple, small and thick leaves, dark green or yellow color, hard and brittle without toughness, aging root system, few and short new roots, dark color, and the phenomenon of rooting often occurs when seedlings are raised in nutrient bowl(7 gallon nursery pots). When farmers are raising seedlings, they need to avoid the emergence of old seedlings and long seedlings.

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The seedling bed soil is short of (nitrogen) fertilizer, or the soil is dry, the soil is clay heavy(nursery trays), or the seedling bed soil is made up of sandy loam, or the arch shed built on the seedling bed is low, or the nutrition area is too small, or blind pursuit of cultivating the big seedlings with long seedling age (even with fruit planting), or excessive control of temperature control water squatting seedlings, etc.(germination tray), are easy to induce aging seedlings.

The aged seedlings are also known as the rigid seedlings and the young and old seedlings(square plant pots). Prepare fertile, loose and strong water retaining soil in the seedbed, maintain the proper temperature in the seedbed, make the seedlings more light, and timely divide the seedlings and pour the lump. Ensure water supply reasonably, water enough bottom water, avoid early drying(plastic pots for plants online), and determine whether to water by looking at the sky, the ground and the seedlings.

When watering is needed, spray warm water with a watering can(seed starter trays). The amount of water should be wet in the day and dry at night. After watering, pay attention to air and drain. In sunny and hot days, windy days, the middle of the seedbed, as appropriate, more water(5 gallon plastic pots). Generally, when the color of leaves is yellow, two parts of urea and one part of potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be used to mix, and then water the seedbed with 500 times diluted water.

The temperature of the seedbed should be reduced and the air volume should be increased 7 days before planting(1 gallon nursery pots), so that the environmental conditions in the seedbed are close to the planting environment. The stem of the plant is long, internode is growing, the stem is yellow green, the cotyledons fall off early, the leaves are big and thin, the texture is soft, the petioles are long, the roots are thin and fibrous(plant pots manufacturers). Let's analyze these two phenomena one by one. 

After planting, it is slow in seedling growth(2 gallon nursery pots), late in growth, susceptible to freezing and falling flowers and fruits. Excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer, too dense sowing, too small spacing between seedlings, or untimely ventilation in the seedbed, resulting in high temperature and humidity(propagation containers), or insufficient light in the seedbed (in case of continuous overcast and rainy days), etc., are likely to result in long seedlings.

According to the growth stages of the seedlings (especially after they are unearthed and before they are planted), maintain the proper temperature in the seedbed and let the seedlings see more light(3 gallon nursery pots). Suitable time, seedling division and tumbling. Replenish the moisture in the seedbed, but avoid excessive humidity(cheap plastic plant pots). If the pepper seedlings have excessive growth, 200 mg / L of chlorpromazine solution can be used.

Pay attention to timely supplement watering at seedling stage to avoid water shortage during seedling stage (seedling has 3 true leaves to be planted)(1.5 gallon nursery pots). Growers can spray aged pepper seedlings with 10-30mg / kg gibberellin solution instead of planting seriously aged seedlings. There are many roasted sweet potatoes on the street(10 gallon plastic pots). Spray in the morning and evening for 1-2 times as appropriate. Do not water within 1-2 days after spraying.

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