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Cheap Plastic 15 Gallon Pots For Sale

The role of nitrogen fertilizer is to promote the formation of a large number of leaves and stolons(seedling trays wholesale), strengthen the growth of nutrition, increase the number of fruits, and improve the yield; phosphorus fertilizer can promote flower bud differentiation and improve the fruit setting rate(plastic plant pots), while potassium fertilizer is mainly to promote fruit maturity, improve the sugar content of fruit, and improve the quality of fruit.

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In order to meet the needs of flowering for various nutrients(72 cell propagation trays), the following stages should be well controlled: from the beginning of Strawberry Growth in early spring to the beginning of strawberry flowering (about the middle of March). In order to recover the plant growth as soon as possible and form new leaves and roots(greenhouse pots), and create conditions for flower bud differentiation in autumn, potassium fertilizer should be appropriately increased in this topdressing.

(cheap plastic 15 gallon pots for sale)After fertilization, it is cultivated and irrigated(1020 trays). According to the time of strawberry fertilization, urea and ammonium sulfate (10-15kg), phosphate (15-20kg) and potassium chloride (7.5kg-10kg) can be applied per mu. This is before the flower bud differentiation of strawberry, which can ensure the normal growth and flower bud differentiation of strawberry plants(2 gallon pots). It is mainly applied with P, K and a small amount of nitrogen.

If there are small mushrooms on the bed surface, spray them again with clear water after spraying(black plastic plant pots), which can promote the growth of small mushrooms. Strawberry should be mainly fertilized with base fertilizer, about 5000 kg of farmyard fertilizer should be applied per mu, and nitrogen(50 deep cell plug trays), phosphorus and potassium quick acting fertilizer should also be applied to meet the needs of normal plant growth.

In addition, strawberry can also be applied fertilizer outside the root (i.e. foliar spraying) when the amount of base fertilizer is insufficient(5 gallon plant pots). According to the growth situation of strawberry, it is generally carried out 2-3 times, and the time of spraying fertilizer should be in the evening of cloudy or sunny days(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The results showed that spraying 0.3% urea solution at flower bud differentiation stage and fruit setting stage could increase the yield by 10% ~ 20%.(cheap plastic 15 gallon pots for sale)

Generally, it is used at the peak of mushroom emergence, which can make the fruiting body fat and prolong the peak of mushroom emergence(square nursery pots). 25 kg of plant ash and 50 kg of water are used for soaking and spraying after filtration to prevent the mushroom from turning red(200 cell plug trays). Take 2 kg of soybeans, filter out the residue, add 80 kg of water, spray 80 m2 to 100 m2 of mushroom bed, which can promote the growth of small mushroom to be strong and white.

(cheap plastic 15 gallon pots for sale)Urea, potassium dihydrogen phosphate(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale), zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, borax, magnesium sulfate and other fertilizers can be selected for foliar application of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and some microelements during the period from the bud appearance to the end of flowering of strawberry(32 cell seedling tray), which shall be determined according to the local climatic conditions of the year and the seedling age of the selected varieties.

Add 7-8 times of clear water to dilute, add water to soak soft, and then grind into slurry(seed starter trays). Use salt 0.5kg, add water 50kg, spray in the peak period of mushroom, can make mushroom body white. Because of the large evaporation at noon, strawberry is easy to cause fertilizer damage. Each mu is applied with 10 kg of urea and 25 kg of phosphate fertilizer(200 cell seedling trays). Strawberries are perennial herbs, which need to absorb a lot of nutrients from the soil. 

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