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Flower friends who have raised Dishui Guanyin all know that Dishui Guanyin is good to raise, but what should they do if they encounter Dishui Guanyin leaves turning yellow(cheap plastic plant pots bulk)? According to the previous reflection of Huayou and the characteristics of Dishui Guanyin, it is concluded that the yellow leaves of Dishui Guanyin are caused by the following reasons in most cases: the soil is dry and lack of water(7 gallon nursery pots), which is easy to cause the plant leaves to wilt and wither.

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First, flower friends should find out the cause of Dishui Guanyin leaves turning yellow, and then solve the problem(decorative plant pots). The solution is to move the plant to the environment with astigmatism for maintenance. It should be placed in the semi shade and semi sun shade in spring and autumn, in the back shade in summer and in the room in winter(1 gallon nursery pots). Pay attention to watering more, so as to increase the impact on the growth of plants Environmental resistance can also keep the leaves green.(cheap plastic 15 gallon tree pot manufacturer)

Some fertilizers are added, and the sunshine is too strong(large plastic terracotta pots). The solution is to spray water on the surface of the plant to increase the humidity during the vigorous growth period from May to September. If the plant is put in the environment of insufficient light for a long time, it will affect the normal photosynthesis, resulting in small and yellow leaves(5 gallon nursery pots). Dripping Guanyin, as a plant that likes to wet, should keep the air humidity at 70% - 80%. If the air is dry, the leaves will wither and turn yellow.

The solution should increase humidity to plant and surrounding environment(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The yellow or drooping leaves of Dishui Guanyin may be caused by the following conditions: Dishui Guanyin basin soil is too wet or too dry for a long time, and it is not poured when it is dry. Pouring "half water", that is, the water is not thoroughly watered, and there is water seepage at the bottom of Guanyin basin(plastic flower pots). Dripping Guanyin leaves do not spray water for a long time, dust accumulation, hindering photosynthesis.

(cheap plastic 15 gallon tree pot manufacturer)If the leaves are yellow, cut them off at the root(10 gallon pot). In winter, the root system of Dishui Guanyin has been frostbitten. After winter, Dishui Guanyin is eager to leave the room, and put it in a warm place to bask in the sun every day, unable to adapt to the abrupt climate for a while. Dishui Guanyin has long been placed in a poor ventilation environment(25 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Dishui Guanyin originated from the wet tropical rain forest in Southeast Asia. It likes scattering light and doesn't like direct sunlight.

But "everything grows by sunshine", which is placed in the living room, bedroom and other places for a long time(plastic plant trays wholesale). Due to the lack of light or no light, it will affect the growth and Morphological Construction of plants. Under this condition, each time, the internode of plants is particularly long, the leaves are underdeveloped and small(2 gallon pots), and there is a lack of chlorophyll, so Guanyin, a yellow dripping water, likes high temperature and humidity.(cheap plastic 15 gallon tree pot manufacturer)

Take care not to hurt other leaf diameters. Dripping Guanyin water culture is the same as other flowers and plants(square plastic plant pots). Flower friends should remember that they should not put the roots in the water, but put the roots in the water. In addition, they should leave some roots that can touch the air, which helps the roots breathe(3 gallon pots). The rhizome of Dishui Guanyin is outside, the raw root is half in the water and half in the air, which is conducive to the root's breathing.

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