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Cheap Plastic 2 Gal Growing Pots For Sale

It has strong adaptability to growth, cold tolerance(cell trays), drought tolerance, salt and alkali resistance, resistance to pests and diseases, and succulent stems. The green leaves are like jade, neat and beautiful, and can also be planted as open-air ornamental sites. Breeding is easy because the stems are rooted. The sage is often propagated by ramets and cuttings. There are three methods of sowing, cutting and cutting(greenhouse supplies pots). Seeding and breeding: This method is obtained by the researchers of our institute through experiments, and the effect is very good.

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(cheap plastic 2 gal growing pots for sale)Sowing is mainly suitable for rainy season or cloudy days(propagation tray). It requires flat, loose and moist cultivated plots. It is too inconvenient to operate, 2×25m. Cut the vigorous stems and leaves into 3-100px, and evenly sow them in the whole sorghum. The spacing between the stems and leaves of the sowing seeds is about 25px. After the soil is covered with fine soil, the sprinkling is required(square nursery pots). Keep the soil moist, rooting in about a week, and you can carry out daily management.

Cutting propagation: cutting is suitable for summer and autumn(gallon nursery pots). It requires flat, loose and moist cultivated plots. It can be used as a ditch. The distance between the grooves is 10-375px, and the vigorous stems and leaves are cut into 250px. , with a group of 3-4 roots, inserted in the ditch buried in the soil, probably buried 3-100px soil. After leveling the ground, flooding the water requires that the water must be sufficient(seed starter trays). Once every three days, about 2-3 times (depending on temperature and temperature).

(cheap plastic 2 gal growing pots for sale)Transplanting and breeding: transplanting can be carried out in spring, summer and autumn(plug trays). It requires flat, loose and moist cultivated plots, and can be used for trenching. The distance between the trenches is about 10-375px, and the seedlings are: The roots of the nursery were removed and planted at a plant spacing of 125 px. After the planting is completed, the land is leveled and watered, and it is necessary to flood the water(wholesale greenhouse pots). Once every three days, about 2-3 times (depending on temperature and temperature).

The best breeding time in northern China is from mid-May to early September(black plastic plant pots), and the temperature during this period is most suitable for the growth of sage. After October, to the second year of April, you can breed in the shelter of the protected area. Propagation is carried out by means of stem spreading. Generally, after the old plant grows to 12-15 cm, the strip is taken, and the length of the strip is controlled at 3-4 cm(plastic grow pots). Spreading: Choose a piece of land as a nursery field, remove weeds, and level the land.

(cheap plastic 2 gal growing pots for sale)Prepare the non-woven fabric and the width of the fabric should be suitable for handling(gallon plant pot). The overlap between the two cloths is about 10 cm, preventing the root from passing through the seam. The substrate for propagation is loess and peat soil. Mix the loess and the peat soil together in a ratio of 3:2 and mix well. Pour the stirred substrate onto the non-woven fabric, flatten it and spread it over the entire surface(flat plastic tray). The thickness of the substrate is about 1 cm, and it can be sprayed after being covered.

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