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The rich trees have different shapes due to different pruning(1 gallon nursery pots bulk), and can be divided into four categories: the solitary erect type, the scorpion type, the short and stout type, and the multi-cluster type. Make the branches of the tree after the money, do not rain and spray water to prevent decay(bulk 15 gallon pots). After cutting off the old branches, there will be many new branches growing out, which require a lot of nutrients and need to be carefully maintained.

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The reason why the flower friends worry, in fact, still can not go, let us go and see how the money tree should be pruned(wholesale nursery pots). It can't be said to be shaped. This is the shape after an unsuccessful trimming and growing, so I can't bear it and decided to trim it again. After trimming, leave 1 or 2 buds and cut them all(bulk 14 gallon pots). I also had some concerns before. Practice has proved that as long as the water is well controlled, there is no problem.(cheap plastic 2 gallon nursery pots manufacturer)

One month after the pruning, it has already been modeled(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Before pruning, fertilize in advance, because many new branches will grow after cutting off the old branches. At this time, a lot of nutrients are needed, the color of the leaves will not be so bright, and the growth of severe cases will be limited(bulk 10 gallon pots). Apply compound fertilizer 2 to 3 days before pruning. The trimming of the rich tree can remove the top advantage and make the top look more lush.

In order to make the wealthy trees flourish, they also need to control their shape(cell trays). Different shapes are presented due to different pruning, which can be divided into four categories. A plant that is planted separately and suitable for stems with large stems can be shortened as needed. At this time, the apical advantage is well avoided(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). After cutting off the top branches, the amount of auxin is good, which is beneficial to the growth of new shoots.

(cheap plastic 2 gallon nursery pots manufacturer)The number of plants can be increased or decreased according to preference(black plastic nursery pots). Although the stem is thick, it can be multiplied by the same species. This free play has more space, can be pruned according to the growth and individual aesthetics, can be reborn in multiple clusters, and can be controlled by the ring or the interval, but the pruning is to take advantage of the top advantage(5 gallon nursery pots bulk), remove the strong branches, leaving only the base 3 - 4 buds can be.

The rich tree has a large stem and a sunny yang(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Pay attention to sufficient light when placing it, and pay attention to its pruning. The pruning of the rich tree is usually in the early stage of its growing season, and the time is usually from March to April(3 gallon nursery pots bulk). At this time, the pruning is beneficial to the germination of the sprout, because the summer high temperature and high humidity climate is particularly suitable for its growth.(cheap plastic 2 gallon nursery pots manufacturer)

Before the trimming, this big hat is too big(plastic nursery pots). Fertilizer can be used, and 22 days after pruning, sprouts have been emitted. The rich tree has a strange appearance and is very ornamental. In fact, making a tree of money is very simple. 25 days after pruning, leaflets have grown. After a while There will be dense branches(2 gallon nursery pots bulk). Before pruning, this type is a variant of an independent erect plant. This type of shape is also more common and requires wire forming. 

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