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Cheap Plastic 2 Gallon Plant Pots In Canada

When the seedlings grow out of 3-5 true leaves, they can be colonized(plastic seed trays). Miaoling, which is planted in winter, is about 30d-40d. The growth rate of lettuce is relatively fast, the drought resistance is relatively poor, and the ability to resist mites is not high, so we must pay attention to the selection of reasonable plots(seed starter trays). The soil must choose slightly acidic land, not only fertile, but also has strong water and fertilizer retention capacity, rich organic matter, good gas permeability, and needs to be easily drained.

(cheap plastic 2 gallon plant pots in canada)The livestock manure with sufficient maturity and high quality is used as the base fertilizer(1020 plant trays), and 3000kg-5000kg of livestock manure and 20kg-30kg compound fertilizer should be applied per mu. In winter, it is usually flat. If the sandy soil block has a good drainage system, it can also be used as a raft(wholesale greenhouse pots). However, if the drainage system of the plot is not good, the soil is relatively heavy, and the groundwater level is relatively high, a small sorghum is required.

If it is a large-type lettuce variety(gallon nursery pots), winter planting can be planted at a high density, and the control line spacing is about 25cm, 6500 plants/mu. Field management is an important part of lettuce cultivation, and you should pay attention to the following points: watering(greenhouse pots). It is necessary to reasonably grasp the amount of watering and watering time, and combine the ground temperature and temperature of each growing season to control it reasonably.

In the case of a leafy lettuce or an erect lettuce, the plant spacing is controlled at about 17 cm to 20 cm(plug trays). At the same time, it should be combined with different soils to make sputum. It can be 3-5 days after planting, after the first top dressing, after the seedling stage, after the second top dressing, and after the third time in the middle of the ball(12cm plant pots). If there is a tiger hazard, it should be sprayed on the ground with 800 times liquid 90% trichlorfon for control.(cheap plastic 2 gallon plant pots in canada)

If the greenhouse is planted, it only needs to be watered 5-6 times during the growth period(black plastic plant pots). Fertilization. If the base fertilizer is sufficient, it is not possible to topdress during the growing season. If the base fertilizer is insufficient, it is necessary to chase 3 times of fertilizer after planting, respectively, 15 days after the slow seedling, the initial stage of the ball formation, and the middle of the product formation(plastic grow pots). Cultivate weeding. Prevention of pests and diseases. 

It is best to have a deep line between the rows, and the rhizosphere and the plants should be shallow(gallon plant pot). Do not smash the new roots and shake the seedlings. In the later stage of cultivating, it is only necessary to shallow the ground, which can help loosen the soil and promote root growth and development(plastic plant trays). In winter, aphids are prone to occur, and biological sprays such as net and dimethoate emulsions are used for prevention and treatment.(cheap plastic 2 gallon plant pots in canada)

After the seedling water is needed, the cultivating needs to be carried out(square nursery pots). The plant spacing of the lettuce is about 25cm-30cm. In summary, the market for Italian lettuce has a relatively large development space, which has high edible value and health value(plastic potting pots). Wide, winter is a good time for Italian lettuce cultivation, growers should master the high-density greenhouse cultivation techniques of Italian lettuce in winter, to achieve high yield of Italian lettuce.

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