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Cheap Plastic 20 Cell Plug Trays Wholesale Price Canada

A good substrate should have the following characteristics: ideal moisture capacity(plug trays); good drainage capacity and air capacity; easy rewetting; good porosity and uniform void distribution; stable vascular bundle structure, less dust; proper pH , 5.5-6.5; contains appropriate nutrients to ensure nutrient requirements before cotyledon expansion(plastic grow pots); very low salt levels, EC is less than 0.7 (1:2 dilution method); matrix particles are uniform in size.

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(cheap plastic 20 cell plug trays wholesale price canada)Make the leaves dry, reduce the disease, dry evenly, and ensure the uniform growth of the whole plant(propagation tray). The tray also has venting holes between the holes so that air can flow between the plants. The effect of the smaller particles of vermiculite is to increase the water retention of the matrix rather than the porosity. To increase the drainage and permeability of the peat matrix, choose to add perlite instead of vermiculite(greenhouse supplies pots). Conversely, if you want to increase the water holding capacity, you can add a certain amount of small particles of meteorite.

Pay attention to the following points: the substrate should be fully wetted before filling(gallon plant pot). Generally, it should be 60%. Hold the substrate with your hand. Without moisture extrusion, loosen your hands and form a mass. But gently touch, the matrix will spread. . If it is too dry, after the watering in the future, the matrix will collapse, resulting in poor ventilation and poor root development. The filling degree of each hole should be uniform, otherwise the hole with less base quality will dry faster(seed starter trays), which will make the water management unbalanced.

(cheap plastic 20 cell plug trays wholesale price canada)The pore-pore matrix of large seeds such as melons should not be too full(72 cell propagation trays wholesale); avoid extruding the matrix, otherwise it will affect the permeability and drying speed of the matrix, and because the matrix is too tight, the seeds will rebound, causing the seeds to germinate in different shades. The seedlings are short-lived, so they are rarely threatened by pests and diseases, but because they are too densely populated and numerous(square nursery pots), if there is poor control of the environment or improper management, there will be problems with pests and diseases.

The larger the seed, the deeper the sowing(black plastic plant pots). Several common vegetable seeds need to be germinated in the dark, so it is important to choose the right cover. The choice of covering should consider several aspects: it can improve the humidity around the seed and maintain good air permeability to provide enough oxygen to the seed(wholesale greenhouse pots). It is recommended to use large particles of vermiculite as a covering. Perlite cover tends to breed moss.(cheap plastic 20 cell plug trays wholesale price canada)

Two options: Seeds sprout on the seedbed(gallon nursery pots), first pour a small amount of water, wait until the trays are all moved to the seedbed, and then pour the next permeable. If the seed is in the germination chamber or in the simple germination space (after the grass cover is moisturized), water is poured before entering the germination chamber. Therefore, it is recommended to use an atomizing nozzle or a water jet nozzle(flat plastic tray). Note: The depth of the punching should be the same. The most important job in the seedling production process is moisture management.

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