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Cheap Plastic 20 Cell Seedling Trays Wholesale

Strawberry seedlings are an important part of strawberry production(blow molded nursery pots), and the saying goes that “the seedlings are good and the harvest is 70%”. Strawberry seedlings of strawberry farmers in Changping District have always been mainly based on buying seedlings and have strong dependence. In recent years, some farmers have poor quality of outsourced strawberry seedlings, and there are problems of low survival rate, serious pests and diseases, poor post-flowering results, and abnormal deformities(black plastic nursery pots). Strawberry production and output value are greatly affected, even production costs. It is difficult to recover.

(cheap plastic 20 cell seedling trays wholesale)In order to solve the problem of strawberry seedlings from the roots, in mid-July(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale), the vegetable technology promotion station demonstrated to the farmers the shed interplanting technology of strawberry shelter from the rain, and guided the farmers to breed strawberry seedlings in the shed. The virus-free strawberry seedlings were planted in mid-March, and four rows of strawberry seedlings were planted in the east-west direction(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The plant spacing was 25 cm. Each row was placed on a 32-hole strawberry tray with a commercial substrate on both sides, and two rows of drip irrigation were placed on the upper part of the tray. band.

Many enterprises and scientific research institutions in China have also carried out research and development work on strawberry seedling tray (including container) seedling technology(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale), but the progress is slow. Container (plug tray) seedling cultivation is an important breeding method for strawberry industry in developed countries and regions, with less seedling diseases. High quality, easy management and long-distance transportation. Japan has widely used acupuncture tubes (a strawberry seedling container) to cultivate strawberry seedlings(plug trays wholesale). South Korea has developed a strawberry seedling seedling technology that can realize drip irrigation.

(cheap plastic 20 cell seedling trays wholesale)With the introduction of Korean technology in recent years(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale), strawberry plug seedlings have been applied in production, and several companies engaged in strawberry seedling seedling production have emerged. However, the strawberry seedling seedling technology currently applied in domestic production usually needs to build a greenhouse, a nursery platform and a cooling facility. The production cost is high, and the rainy days are prone to insufficient light(plastic nursery pots wholesale), which leads to the growth of seedlings and the quality of the seedlings, which restricts the strawberry seedlings. Promotional application.

In order to develop a low-cost, high-efficiency and high-quality strawberry plug seedling cultivation technology(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale), improve the strawberry seedling technology level in our province, and promote the healthy development of the strawberry industry, the Agricultural Science Research Institute has carried out research and development for many years, and in recent years, the strawberry industry system in Jiangsu Province With the support of the main technical links around the cultivation of high-quality strawberry seedlings(wholesale nursery pots), the technical system for producing high-quality strawberry plug seedlings with low cost and high efficiency was established.

(cheap plastic 20 cell seedling trays wholesale)The main features are: the development of a more efficient strawberry drip irrigation seedling tray with independent intellectual property rights than the Korean version(7 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The horticultural floor covering combined with the soilless substrate cultivation cuts off the contact between the soil and the strawberry mother plant and the seedling, greatly reducing the anthrax. Diseases, blight and other diseases occur. It fully satisfies the characteristics of strawberry growth and light(plastic nursery pots), and the environment of ventilation and light transmission can also inhibit the occurrence of pests and diseases and cultivate robust strawberry seedlings.

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