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Cheap Plastic 21 Cell Seedling Trays Wholesale

Because the rice seedlings have not completely formed aerated tissue before the 3 leaves(plastic nursery pots), the oxygen required by the roots of the rice seedlings is difficult to pass through the roots and leaves to the roots. Keep the soil in the dry field, see the wet and dry, let the soil breathe well, which is beneficial to the rooting and packing of the rice seedlings(105 cell plug trays supplier).

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(cheap plastic 21 cell seedling trays wholesale)Uncovering the film late, promoting root development, in order to breed strong seedlings, rice seedlings will be better(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The amount of seeding is too small, the seedling age is too short, the tray is too high, the soil is sticky, the oxygen is not oxygen, the soil salt is too high, the acid used in the soil is too large, including excessive use of the strong agent, and the soil is too thin. 

Or too thick and other reasons, may cause rice seedlings are not good(50 cell plug trays supplier). Every seedling link must be done carefully in order to breed strong seedlings, and rice seedlings can be better rooted. After watering, release the wind in time to cool down and drain. Promote root growth. If the rice seedlings are snoring at noon, the rice seedlings in the morning are not as large as the millet grains.

There are often rice farmers friends asking(plastic nursery pots wholesale), rice seedlings are not a matter of doing things. Increasing the temperature of the night shed is the key to the breeding of strong seedlings in the cold, the glory of the leaves, and the packing. Rice germination and seedlings, 7 to 9 days after sowing, can reach 80% of the emergence, even if it is basically out(72 cell plant trays bulk). 

The key point of management before rice emergence to 1.5 leaves is to release the tidal air in the morning and release the wind at noon to ensure that the shed temperature is not high during the day and close the shed in the afternoon to ensure that the night shed temperature is not too low(200 cell plug trays). The whole greenhouse rice seedlings grow neatly and consistently. The mulch film is poured once to remove the film water.

It should be noted that not all the seedbeds should be uncovered with film water, the cover soil is fine, there is no roof cover, there is no gap between the cover soil, and the seedbed is not short of water, so do not pour the film water(10cm plastic plant pots). Because some seedbeds are watered on the cover soil, there is a top cover phenomenon when the seedlings are emerged, and the rice seedlings are difficult to root. 

(cheap plastic 21 cell seedling trays wholesale)Try to achieve dry and dry irrigation, not watering without watering, and promote root development(wholesale nursery pots). Set the windshield skirt to cover the seedlings and promote the growth of the seedlings. After the film is uncovered, in order to water the seedlings and prevent the drip in the greenhouse, the roots can naturally contact the oxygen, the gas-permeable membrane can be covered. 

At the same time, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of cotton rot. In this period, we must focus on the following management tasks. 70%~80% of the normal seedling emergence should be removed from the mulch film in time. The wet seedbed should be removed from the mulch in 30% of the seedlings(128 cell plant trays bulk). The bed soil is dry, the film is uncovered, and the soil is covered with hot soil.

Dry long roots are good for breeding seedlings. Rice seedlings are not long-lasting, and it is easy to appear white buds(black plastic nursery pots)! When the top cover soil falls after the emergence of the rice, there are more soil blocks that cannot be implemented, and it is easy to see through the wind and dead seedlings. When the rice seedlings are basically out, they must be removed(162 cell plug trays supplier).

(cheap plastic 21 cell seedling trays wholesale)Control the maximum shed temperature to about 25 degrees to prevent the rice seedlings from growing(plug trays wholesale). Therefore, when rice is raised, the humidity cannot be too large. After the emergence of rice, if it is not particularly dry, try to water or not water(105 cell plant trays bulk). Therefore, in the early stage of rice seedling cultivation, do not pour the seedbed.

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