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Cheap Plastic 24 Cell Plant Trays Wholesale Suppliers USA

Many people like to graft crab claws, but each time they end in failure(plastic nursery pots). In fact, there are two key factors in the success or failure of grafting crab claw orchid: the claw claw orchid must pay attention to the grafting process, and the cutting parts of the cutter, rootstock and scion are all To be disinfected, many people are not successful in grafting, and the cactus wounds are rotten because they are not prepared for disinfection. Grafting is best done in the morning on a sunny day(7.48inch plastic plant pots). Rainy days can cause slow wound healing, infection and other problems, and it is even more difficult to rain.

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(cheap plastic 24 cell plant trays wholesale suppliers usa)Because Jinzhi jade leaves have strong hair-forming ability and plasticity, the topping should be carried out frequently(plastic nursery pots wholesale), which not only helps to control the shape of the plant, but also allows it to sprout side branches and promote flowering. However, the extent to which it is ultimately required to be topped often needs to be carried out according to the aesthetic effect of the bonsai without affecting the normal growth of the plant(6.5inch plastic plant pots). Since it is built as an ornamental bonsai, it is often aimed at highlighting ornamental value.

Because the desert rose is drought-tolerant(black plastic nursery pots), the watering should be considered according to the cultivation substrate, weather, season, etc. Generally, watering is performed once every three days in spring and autumn, once in 1-2 days in summer, and once in winter in winter. Proper drought is conducive to the growth of desert roses. Fertilization is essential in the growing season. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be applied in combination(6.3inch plastic plant pots). Before the flowering to the flowering stage, nitrogen fertilizer is the main factor, and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are used as auxiliary to promote vegetative growth.

(cheap plastic 24 cell plant trays wholesale suppliers usa)Topping can be carried out at a plant height of 15-20 cm to promote branching(plug trays wholesale). Adult pruning is generally selected after flowering, and can be carried out according to individual preferences and branches. There are many branches and more flowers. If the cut is not large after trimming, it can be naturally healed. If the cut is large, the cut should be treated to prevent decay due to rain and bacteria invasion(5.9inch plastic plant pots). It can be disinfected with 2% copper sulfate solution and finally coated with wax for protection.

Place the seeds horizontally on the medium of the nutrient soil(wholesale nursery pots), cover the soil for one centimeter, and then spray the water evenly with a watering can, which is not subject to water accumulation. Keep the soil moist and grow out in a week or so. Commonly used cutting, grafting and pressure propagation. Fertilize 2-3 times after all. Normal defoliation during winter dry dormancy. However, in the vegetative growth period of adult plants, less nitrogen fertilizer is applied, and more phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are applied(5.5inch plastic plant pots). Because of excessive nitrogen fertilizer, the leaves and leaves are prolonged and the reproductive growth is inhibited.

(cheap plastic 24 cell plant trays wholesale suppliers usa)If it is grafted on the side of the cactus, it is also grafted in the place of the thorn(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If the seedlings are not branched, prepare the crab claws to pick up the stalks. Each section is 2-3 leaves. The grafting of the crab claws is generally best in spring and autumn. But it is best to graft at the end of spring and early summer. Because crab claw orchid is a short-day flower plant, we can provide it with 8 hours of scattered light every day(5.12inch plastic plant pots), and make sure it can be used for 14 hours every day. Time is in a dark environment.

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