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Cheap Plastic 288 Cell Plug Flats Wholesale Price

The reproduction of sweet-scented osmanthus can not only be inserted into the soil, but also can be inserted into the water(105 cell seedling trays wholesale). However, the sweet-scented osmanthus is more likely to take root. The sweet-scented osmanthus is difficult to take root, but it does not mean that it will not take root. Usually, as long as we can provide a suitable growth environment for water-filled sweet-scented osmanthus, we still have the opportunity to take root(black plastic nursery pots). So, how does osmanthus hydroponic rooting? Today, Xiaobian will share with you the method of watering peanut roots.

(cheap plastic 288 cell plug flats wholesale price)We need to consider factors such as cuttings, temperature, water quality, water exchange, nutrient solution, etc(128 cell seedling trays wholesale). Only when these conditions are all satisfied, the sweet-scented osmanthus can be rooted, sprouted, and long-leaved. The following are the technical points of the rooting of sweet-scented osmanthus water. First, cut a few vigorously growing branches from the well-developed sweet-scented osmanthus tree as water cutting branches(plastic nursery pots wholesale), and then simply treat the branches and leaves them to keep the cuttings clean.

Compared with pig manure, prepare an original glassware or mineral water bottle, and put clean water in it(200 cell seed starting trays). Be careful not to use tap water or boiled water directly, and the depth of the water should not be too deep. According to the length of the cutting branch, it is suitable. . Add a small amount of rooting agent to a glassware or mineral water bottle containing the appropriate amount of water to promote rapid rooting of the cuttings(wholesale nursery pots). Of course, a little potassium permanganate carbendazim solution can also be added for sterilization.

(cheap plastic 288 cell plug flats wholesale price)First, gently insert the prepared cuttings into the container(162 cell seed starting trays). But whether the cuttings can survive or not depends on the consumption of nutrients. Therefore, in addition to changing the water, we usually need to drop a few drops of nutrient solution. In addition, we also need temperature management, generally need to keep the environment at around 25 °C(plastic nursery pots manufacturers); in order to moisturize, it is recommended to put a plastic bag, while avoiding direct sunlight, put it in a bright place.

Compared with soil culture, hydroponic osmanthus is more demanding(15 cell trays bulk). Let it fully mature, because the fertility of pig manure is much milder than that of sheep manure. In the process of water insertion of sweet-scented osmanthus, it is fundamental to promote rooting of shoots. There are many ways to promote rooting of cuttings. They can be processed by mechanical treatment, elution treatment, auxin treatment, rooting agent treatment, etc(plug trays wholesale). We can choose the method that suits our own way to achieve the purpose of rapid rooting.

(cheap plastic 288 cell plug flats wholesale price)If you want to make sure that it takes root(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price), of course, we have a way to deal with the re-cut wound, which is to use tape to seal, so as to avoid the loss of water and nutrients through the wound, but also to disease The role of insect invasion, thus providing a guarantee for the smooth healing of the wound(plastic nursery pots). Usually, after the wound has completely healed, we will remove the tape from the seal or let it fall off on its own.

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