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Cheap Plastic 288 Plug Tray Manufacturers Canada

Whether it is flowers, insects or pathogens, 20-30 ℃, especially 25 ℃, is the most suitable temperature for their activities(blow molded nursery pots). It will be more effective and safer for the plants in the active period. In the hot summer, the time for drug administration should be before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m(large plastic flower pots cheap). In the cool season of spring and autumn, we should choose between 10am and 2pm.

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The droplet size is related to its better distribution, deposition and spread on the target(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). According to the humidity and its changing trend, determine the time of spraying. After the liquid medicine sprayed from the nozzle is deposited on the target, the uniform film can be formed to cover the target surface to the largest extent, and the lower part of the plant is affected by gravity for a second time(farm tray), and then "kill" the diseases and pests on the target. 

(cheap plastic 288 plug tray manufacturers canada)When the air humidity is small, the water in the medicine drops will evaporate into the air quickly, or even can't wait for the medicine liquid to spread on the target(bulk 10 gallon pots), which will certainly reduce the efficacy, and even present burning drug damage spots. Special reminder: at present, due to the restriction of labor force, many people often add amount of medicine to the medicine tank and spray it quickly(small plastic flower pots bulk). 

Fog droplets are easy to agglomerate into larger droplets, which will also lead to drug damage(bulk 14 gallon pots). Therefore, there are two principles to be followed in a day: one is that the air humidity is slightly dry; the other is that the liquid medicine can form a dry film on the target surface before sunset(growing flats). Most people are used to calculating the amount of chemicals in a barrel of water according to the multiple of concentration, which is not very reliable.(cheap plastic 288 plug tray manufacturers canada)

Therefore, the reason why we need to control and calculate the amount of medicine added to the medicine chest at this time is that we need to calculate the amount of medicine necessary for the plants in the unit area(bulk 15 gallon pots), and we need to ensure the good efficacy, including the safety of flowers and conditions. This kind of putting the cart before the horse is obviously wrong. In winter and spring(plastic gallon pots), it's better to take medicine in the morning when it's sunny and warm.

(cheap plastic 288 plug tray manufacturers canada)In particular, the most legitimate move is to choose better spray equipment, perhaps by product instructions, and spray it carefully(bulk 20 gallon pots). After the liquid medicine is ejected from the nozzle, it collides with the air and breaks into smaller droplets, rushing forward, stumbling all the way, resulting in smaller and smaller droplets(plastic starter pots). That is to say, within a certain distance, the farther away from the nozzle, the smaller the droplet, which is also a waste.

According to the performance of the sprayer and its sprinkler, the spray nozzle will make the fog fall on the target, and the effect will be better(injection molded nursery pots). If the droplet is too small, it will float in the air and be difficult to deposit on the target, which will definitely result in waste. If the droplets are too large, the amount of liquid medicine rolling on the ground will increase(plastic garden pots for sale). So, it's not that the effect will be better if the nozzle is close to the plant.

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