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It is suitable to choose the sandy loam or loam with deep soil layer(nursery pots wholesale), fertile soil, rich organic matter, good drainage and irrigation performance and pH value between 5.0 and 8.5. The planting density of Huangjin pear is 2m × 3M, 3M × 1m, 2m × 1m, 2m × 0.7m and 1.5m × 0.7m(5 gallon nursery pots). It can be planted from September to march of the next year, with the best planting from October to November.

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Before planting, it is required to dig a 1-meter-deep and 1-meter-wide planting ditch(seed starter trays). The average application amount of high-quality basal fertilizer per mu is more than 6000 Jin. After covering the soil, golden pear is planted. It is necessary to select strong seedlings with complete root system, no diseases and insect pests(200 cell seed trays wholesale), no mechanical damage, and to irrigate them after planting, and to apply base fertilizer to deeply transform the soil every year.(cheap plastic 2x4 grow tray wholesale suppliers)

After falling leaves in autumn every year(square nursery pots), 4000 Jin of high-quality basal fertilizer is applied to each mu by deep ploughing, and the first time before germination, nitrogen fertilizer is mainly applied. For the second time, from the post anthesis to the flower bud differentiation, the multi-element compound fertilizer was mainly used, and for the third time(200 cell seedling trays wholesale), the potassium fertilizer was mainly used in the fruit expansion period, with appropriate P fertilizer.

In May of each year(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), 0.3% urea solution was used as the main fertilizer in the early stage, 0.2% ~ 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate was used as the main fertilizer in the later stage, and less or no basic fertilizer was applied in autumn. Three to four times of combined fertilization and watering were before germination and flowering, long-term shoot growth, after fruit harvest and before soil freezing(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). At the time of planting golden pear, it can be configured as 1:3-8. 

(cheap plastic 2x4 grow tray wholesale suppliers)In the year of watering, 70-80 cm should be reserved for fixed stem(seedling trays wholesale), 3-4 suitable buds with an interval of about 10 cm should be selected under the cutting mouth to stop eye injury, and the sprouted branches on the main branch should be stopped slowly(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). In the early spring of the first year, all the seedlings should be leveled along the line, and then the seedlings should be righted when the branches on the back are more than 15-20cm long.

Prune the upright and over dense big branches, excessive long branches, disease and insect branches, ineffective branches, and leave more auxiliary branches(plastic nursery pots wholesale). At the beginning of June, when the shoots were half lignified, the twists were sprayed with Paclobutrazol (0.8-1g / L) at the end of the month or pbo250 times solution in the first ten days of June and August respectively(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale), which was beneficial to the high yield of golden pear.

If the fruit is mostly sprayed once every 5 days and 15 days after anthesis(black plastic nursery pots), and 1 g / L 15% Paclobutrazol is sprayed once every 3 weeks after anthesis, the flower thinning will be stopped in real time at the inflorescence separation stage and the initial flowering stage, and one inflorescence will be left every 20 cm(9cm pots). The main diseases and insect pests of Huangjin pear include powdery mildew, ring rot and rust, aphid, Psylla, macrocarpa and bee. 

When the new shoots grow to 20cm, 7-8 lateral fruiting branches are left(plastic nursery pots). In the 2 m × 1 m, 2 m × 0.7 m, 1.5 m × 0.7 m planting garden, one pillar is set after the seedlings are planted. Fruit thinning was completed within 25 days after anthesis, one fruit was left every 20 cm, and more fruit could be left properly in the flourishing branch of the flourishing tree(v9 plastic pots). Spray 0.3% urea + 0.2% borax when flower bud just sprouts.(cheap plastic 2x4 grow tray wholesale suppliers)

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