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For the tiger thorn plum pruning, the flower friends are more because the tiger thorn plum plant is too large(wholesale nursery pots), to achieve the purpose of more flowering, pay attention to wear gloves when trimming. Although pruning can promote branching and flowering, the beauty of plant type can not be ignored. The plastic trimming of tiger thorn plum is carried out in the peak season from June to July after the flowering season(32 cell trays bulk). For the trimmed branches, Huayou can Used as a cutting, breeding new tiger thorns potted plants.

(cheap plastic 3 gal planting pots wholesale supplier)When the seedling grows to 10 cm, the top of the branch can be cut off(black plastic nursery pots). Later, when the side branches are raised to a certain height, the branches are cut off again, and the side branches are again promoted to form the basic backbone branches. When the tiger thorn plum has 4 to 5 branches, it is necessary to pre-design the long-term cultivation target, or tie it into a sphere, or a flower screen, or a flower basket, etc., and then stand the bracket according to the established target(50 cell trays bulk), and properly pull the branches and twist the bundles. To make it oriented development.

For the tiger thorn plum that has been tied and formed(plastic nursery pots), it can be lightly cut or not trimmed except for the individual damage of the formed branches. It is only necessary to pay attention to proper curling and shaping. This is because the twisted branches also have the effect of stimulating the apical advantage of the plant. If you want to vomit a new branch in a certain part of the stem, bend it downwards so that the tip of the stem is lower than the bend(72 cell trays bulk), so that the ligature will soon be Growing 1 to 3 new branches.

(cheap plastic 3 gal planting pots wholesale supplier)Tiger thorn has the habit of flowering at the top of the branch(plug trays wholesale), so pruning can promote branching and achieve the purpose of multi-flowering. When pruning, pay attention to wearing gloves. The flower of the tiger thorn plum is on the top of the new branch. In order to make the tiger thorn plum blossom, it must be properly trimmed. Therefore, the branches that are too long and not well-growed should be cut short after the flowering period(98 cell trays bulk). Generally, two new branches are grown under the cuts of the branches, and when the new branches grow to 5-6 cm, they can bloom.

Trimmed once a year, after a few years, the whole plant will be filled with bright little red flowers(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Because the branches are slender and soft, as the plants grow up, they can be tied into different shapes by bamboo sticks or iron wires, and the branches are dragged and tied to make them become flower-shaped, and the beauty of the red-green leaves can be more obvious when flowering(105 cell trays bulk). If it is not trimmed in time, let it grow naturally, the main branch will be longer and longer, not only less flowering, but also the plant shape is not beautiful.

In order to avoid black rot, provide sufficient light, improve ventilation(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), and keep the soil environment dry, which can reduce the chance of plant infection with black rot. The phenomenon of leaves appearing in the dance of Yale is mainly caused by the above reasons. You can check according to the above aspects, and then remedy the problem in time(128 cell trays bulk). I believe that the dance of Yale will return to normal growth soon.(cheap plastic 3 gal planting pots wholesale supplier)

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