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Cheap Plastic 32 Cell Plug Flats Wholesale Price

Note that if the amount of the strong sputum is high(plug trays wholesale), if the ph value is high, plus a good sturdy agent, a good nutrient soil can be prepared, and a good nutrient soil can be used to breed a good seedling. The preparation soil should be sieved before preparing the nutrient soil. Or smash! Then mix with the strong sputum to become a nursery nutrient soil. If the nutrient soil is prepared from neutral or slightly acidic soil(105 cell seed trays wholesale), it can be mixed with the strong sputum agent according to the amount of the strong sputum agent before the rice seedlings are broadcast.

(cheap plastic 32 cell plug flats wholesale price)It can basically meet the requirements of acid adjustment, fattening and sterilization(black plastic nursery pots). Before mixing the sputum sputum, first sieve the sturdy sputum with a fine sieve, then sieve a part of the fine tidal soil, mix the sieved sturdy agent, first mix it into a fine tidal soil with a fine sieve, mix it several times, become strong Mother soil. Then sieve the sturdy mother soil into a sieve, mix it together with the ratio of the strong sputum and the soil, and become the nutrient soil for rice seedlings(18 cell plug trays supplier). Mix it two or three times to mix well. Or mix well with a stirrer.

If the ph value of the seedling soil is higher and the alkalinity is larger, after mixing the strong sputum(wholesale nursery pots), the pH value will not reach the required 4.5~5.5, and the acid regulating agent can be added to adjust the acid, and the dosage of the strong sputum can not be increased. . If the use of the strong sputum agent is excessive, the rice seedlings will have excessive burning and dwarfing. If you can buy concentrated sulfuric acid(seed planting trays wholesale), you can dilute concentrated sulfuric acid into dilute sulfuric acid and mix it with soil to make acidified soil, then simmer for a day, then sieve for use.

(cheap plastic 32 cell plug flats wholesale price)Then adjust the acid soil and the right amount of strong scorpion, and mix it with the seedling soil to make nutritious soil(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Adjusting the pH of the nutrient soil to acidity is conducive to the growth of rice seedlings, and it is possible to breed strong seedlings. Rice seedlings are the most cost-effective method for seedling cultivation with concentrated sulfuric acid. Generally, a 360-square-meter greenhouse can be placed with about 2,000 rice seedlings(40 cell plug trays supplier). Each plate is filled with 5 kg. A rice seedling greenhouse requires about 10,000 kg of seedlings.

Choosing a good soil, in order to determine the strength of a strong sputum in a greenhouse(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), you need to add how much acid to adjust the pH value, we can do a test first. You can take 1/15 of a bag of strong sorghum, that is, 100 jin of soil, then mix it with 1/15 of a bag of sturdy sputum, and measure whether its ph value is between 4.5 and 5.5, if ph Within this range(104 cell plug trays supplier), you can use 10,000 kg of seedling soil to mix 6~7 bags of strong sputum.(cheap plastic 32 cell plug flats wholesale price)

Then, this 10,000 kg seedlings soil(plastic nursery pots), you can add six or seven bags of strong sputum, and then add 20 kg of concentrated sulfuric acid diluted and mix well, you can reach a pH of 4.5 to 5.5. If the 100 kg of the corresponding amount of strong seedlings of the seedling soil, add 4 two concentrated sulfuric acid, you can adjust the pH to 4.5 to 5.5, then this 10,000 kg of nutritious soil, you can use 6-7 bags of strong agent(20 cell plug trays supplier), Add 40 kg of concentrated sulfuric acid and dilute it, and mix it into it. The pH value of the mixed seedlings can reach 4.5 to 5.5.

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